Michael Solomon

Michael Solomon is the founder and director of Profit Through Ethics Ltd, the London based social business that devised and developed the Responsible 100 concept and platform.

Since 2002 he has been working to solve a thorny problem. That is, how to enable businesses to best perform their core activities, namely delivering the goods and services people want at the right price and quality, without offloading costs on to people or planet, or otherwise exploiting vulnerable stakeholders. He envisions a world in which the most responsible companies are the most successful and the laggards or those persisting with irresponsible practices see their profitability diminish.

Michael believes a company’s commitment to being ‘net positive’ and to social and environment innovation will increasingly be a source of competitive advantage. And, when the relationship between doing good and doing well is demonstrable, business will realise its profound ability to make the world a better place.


Michael Solomon's Project

Responsible 100 is a corporate responsibility management tool that enables any business or organisation to improve its responsibility performance - for its own benefit and for the benefit of society. It is also a community seeking to foment a ‘race to the top’ in business - where doing good translates to greater profitability.

Michael Solomon's Tweets

DEBATE: Should the government introduce legislation to ensure business is a force for good?

YES, says Martin Bunch of @BatesWellsTweet, while @matthewlesh of @ASI says NO.

Read here why -> https://www.cityam.com/debate-should-the-government-introduce-legislation-to-ensure-business-is-a-force-for-good/

What do you think? Join the debate! #Legislation #CompaniesAct

The Dasgupta Review
Thursday, 25 February 2021, 13:00
The Dasgupta Review: Transforming the global economy for a nature positive future https://register.enthuse.com/ps/event/DasguptaReview via @PrimoEventReg

Please @KwasiKwarteng keep paid holidays. Sign the petition to keep the working time directive: https://platform.organise.org.uk/campaigns/teamup-working-time-directive-petition?utm_campaign=0Ox7VQm169&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share

My latest with @jacobinmag: an interview with @AlphabetWorkers and their campaign to democratize their workplace. Many thanks to @raxsha and Alan for sitting down with me!


We're Alphabet workers. We’ve been organizing for over a year, & we’re finally ready to share why.

This morning, we're announcing #AWU, the first union open to *all* workers at any Alphabet company.

Every worker deserves a union—including tech workers.

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