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Benefits of green, clean, sustainable technology

Welcome to #TRVSTLOVES. We curate news, ideas, and inspiration from across the world that demonstrate how real action can accomplish a positive social impact. This month we’re looking at the benefits of sustainable, green, and clean technology. It goes without saying that sustainable technology isn't going to solve everything, but groundbreaking ideas aimed at tackling the climate crisis are a vital part of improving our chances of making a difference.

Inclusive capitalism must embrace sustainable initiatives

Whilst we need our governments to take action on global warming, it’s fair to say that any action from the government in isolation is not enough. Inclusive capitalism must also embrace sustainable initiatives to support the reduction of global warming.  So how can the government and businesses work together on this? And where can innovative technology play a role? Well to start, green tech solutions are expanding and businesses need to be constantly exploring these options: if there's a more sustainable way of doing something then they need to make it happen. As for the government, it's important that they ensure regulations are in place to support such initiatives to help them become a reality.

The BusinessGreen Technology Challenge

green sustainable technology challenge

To tackle the climate crisis, we need new, outside of the box thinking. And there's nothing like a bit of competition to encourage innovation and enthusiasm. So this autumn, as part of the UK's BusinessGreen Technology Festival, the BusinessGreen Technology Challenge will be taking place, The categories for entry are energy, buildings, transport, as well as a wildcard category, and all entries must be tech-based and be capable of delivering large emissions cuts. The festival itself will be taking place in December in central London: we'll be keeping an eye out for news of the winning idea!

New digital platform for urban planning focuses on South Asia

green sustainable technology

This is good stuff: a Memorandum of Understanding has been agreed between the UN Office of Communication and Information Technologies (OICT) and UN-Habitat. It will ensure there is a framework of cooperation for both the development of new technology tools as well as digital platforms for urban planning. The focus will initially be in South Asia and will aim to support innovative technology so that safe and resilient cities can be built. If you're interested, this smart cities guide from State of Green has a lot of great information to share on the subject of what makes a city smart!

Hyundai launches world's first car with solar roof

There's a lot of pressure for the automotive industry to make changes to cut ommissions and reduce pollution. So Hyundai has taken the next step by launching the world's first car with a solar roof charging system. This technology will provide additional electric power and increase fuel efficiency. Interested in the stats? Well if it were to charge six hours day, it is expected to increase drivers’ travel distance by an extra 800 miles annually. Definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to innovative thinking.

Cans of beer headed for a sustainable makeover

Cans of beer headed for a sustainable makeover

New ideas for sustainable practices are being considered across all industries, including those that make beer. The well known ring-pull beer can may become a thing of the past as top brewers use new technologies to consider a more environmentally friendly alternative. Carlsberg are exploring the option of using a glue to stick the can together - they say this would avoid using 1,200 tons of plastic annually, so a fairly big deal! Whilst we as consumers can do our part by choosing sustainable companies to support, it's also very much the responsibility of the businesses to ensure that the products they sell are eco-friendly and as waste-free as possible.

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Sam produces our regular #TRVSTLOVES where she seeks out inspiration, news, and ideas from across the globe that both highlight and celebrate how actions can make for social and environmental change.

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