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We’ve all seen the devastating images of the wildfires in California: the U.S. Forest Service estimated that 1 million acres have been burned in California wildfires in 2018. These fires have been a call to action for Lasha Kvantalian, the founder of Treespond: an online platform for personalised tree planting, aiming to plant one million trees in order to aid the recovery of the national forests of California.

Planting trees online has one problem – people are not personally involved. Treespond enables you to plant a tree in the National Forests of California in just a few clicks. As soon as the trees are planted, our rangers will take an image and geo-location of each tree and deliver it directly to your inbox. Now you have your own tree, and you can give it as a gift, and/or share it to inspire others too. So, customers are more aware, more involved and emotionally more related to the trees.

That’s Treespond’s main mission:

“To plant trees not only in deforested areas, but in people’s mind too”.

Treespond - United We PlantLasha’s projects are all dedicated to the environment and its recovery. One of the most successful projects in Georgia was initiated and developed by him and his partner, known as Treepex, a platform designed to save one of Georgia’s national heritages, Borjomi-Likani National Park. A large territory of the forest was burnt due to fire: Treepex was an environment-friendly platform to save the uniqueness of the park. People all over the country were planting trees via Treepex.

The project was extraordinarily successful, so Lasha initiated a new technology startup known as Oxyn: a blockchain infrastructure driven by environmental incentives offering fast, secure, and low-energy payments between business corporations, conscious consumers, and environmental organisations.

Lasha believes that everything we do must help to build a better world that we live in and it can be done in a very effective way by using new technologies.

Via Treespond 405 trees have already been planted (December 2018), and Lasha believes that green, like minded people will actively support Treespond as it continues to grow.

How can I get involved with Treespond?

It’s simple:

  1.  Plant trees via

  2. Inspire others to do the same

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Lasha Kvantalian is the founder of New York-based startup Treespond, a company that is working hard to recover national forests of California, aiming to plant one million trees in order to aid the recovery of the national forests of California.
Lasha Kvantalian
40,000 trees planted
5000 individuals are involved
More than 600 press mentions

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