Opportunities for Life: Thirsty For Change

Clean water changes lives, especially for women & young girls. It saves hours walking each day. It means better health and an increase in school attendance. Families can then invest time into earning money and creating small businesses.

Everyone has the peace of mind that the water they are using is not contaminated with nasty diseases and gives them the dignity of having improved sanitation.

If your life was free of all of these worries, imagine the possibilities…

Water bore drilling in Africa

Danielle and Michael have a passion for traveling and the more they traveled, the more they wanted to get ‘off the beaten track’. When they chose Africa as their next destination, they wanted the trip to be purposeful. They wanted a reason to go which that was deeper than the tourist experience.  Unable to find volunteer opportunities that really connected with them, they decided to do something on our own.

They don’t have any ‘real’ qualifications like being a doctor, nurse or builder which would automatically connect with some projects. But that didn’t stop them. After learning about the struggles Africa faces and the water crisis, they decided to do one water project. But, they needed to raise $5000.

Without even knowing what country they were going to, they started fundraising.  They just knew that this what they wanted to do and trusted that everything else would fall into place.  It did.  They raised a massive $25,000 and the rest is history.

From that initial project, their charity, Opportunities for Life, was born. Its mission is to bring clean drinking water to those in need in developing countries. 1 in 10 people on our planet don’t have access to clean water,

OFL pride itself on its 100% model. 100% of public donations fund the clean drinking water projects.  Public funds are not used to cover extras, like admin costs and flights, and it relies on sponsorship for these expenses (though Danielle and Michael often dig into their own pockets).

Where Are They Now?

OFL has provided 6 schools, 1 orphanage & 7 communities with access to clean drinking water!  14,000 people now have opportunities that they didn’t before and that’s something to be damn proud about.

Says Danielle, “It’s not easy but the journey is the most rewarding adventure, it’s totally worth it”.

How Can People Help?

Reach out via their website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  As a team of two, they constantly need help with various aspects of the charity.  Being charitable isn’t always about donating money – donating your times and skills are just as precious.

What’s Next?

Focus is on India at the moment and thinking of the most effective solution for their situation. Once that hurdle has been jumped, they’ll be over there implementing projects & eating all the amazing food!

Thirsty for Change: The African water crisis from Opportunities for Life on Vimeo.


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