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At TRVST we feature projects by changemakers who've stepped up and create impact. Championing initiative for positive change by people acting to make a difference across our fields of action. 

Our intention is to inspire people to get involved, perhaps undertake a project of their own, or support those whose stories we share. 
Komb Green Solutions - Creating Nairobi's First 'People's Park'
Charity & Civil SocietyCharity & Civil Society
BY Christopher Wairimu ·
Komb Green Solutions is a community-based organization formed in 2017 and located in Korogocho, Nairobi, Kenya. Korogocho is home to up to 200,000 people and one of the largest slum neighbourhoods in the area. Here Christopher Wairimu, their secretary, shares their story working to create green and safe places along the Nairobi River.
Help Bristol's Homeless: Giving Hope To Bristol's Homeless People
BY Jasper Thompson ·
Homelessness and rough sleeping is on the rise everywhere.  When Jasper Thompson noticed an increase in rough sleeping in his home town, he decided to do something about it. He wanted to give them a tangible route to turn their lives around. And that starts with housing. And so he started Help Bristol's Homeless. 
BizGees - Transforming Refugees into Entrepreneurs
Equality & DiversityEquality & Diversity
BY Zufi Deo ·
We transform refugees into entrepreneurs using FinTech. We custom-designed alternative finance-based services to support refugee communities to take ownership of their own lives. We are winners of the Infosys Challenge for Financial Inclusion at the UNICEF FinTech Jam for Good.
Iconic Steps: Developing a Growth Mindset in Young People
Work & SkillsWork & Skills
BY Victoria Ijeh ·
Iconic Steps supports young people aged 16-25 to overcome barriers and take their first steps towards a fulfilling career, through film production and training. Iconic Steps’ mission is to develop a growth mindset in young people so they can overcome barriers and take their first steps towards a fulfilling career. It was founded by Victoria Ijeh.
Recycling Plastic Waste into Ecoboats for Fishermen
Waste & RecyclingWaste & Recycling
BY Ismael Essome Ebone ·
Describe Ecoboats for Fishermen - what makes your project unique? Madiba & Nature has launched its program to involve fishermen in the sustainable management of coastal fisheries through community mobilization around the recycling of marine plastic waste since 2017. The organization focuses its program around three major projects in order to have a significant impact […]
Sintala Design: Solid Wood Products Which Respect the Environment
Social EnterpriseSocial Enterprise
BY Rodrigo Aranda ·
Sintala Design is creating beautiful products made from 100% solid wood, but here's the catch: all of the wood is only taken from fallen trees, prunings or anything left over from other manufacturing processes. This is a great initiative and will no doubt attract a lot of support.
Marc Skid: How to Make your Marc on the World
Sustainable FashionSustainable Fashion
BY Daniel Barry ·
Dan Barry is the founder of Marc Skid, LLC, a cheeky, eco-friendly underwear brand owner with a passion for giving back. Made with the finest cotton, Organic Pima, and with a recycled water bottle in each waistband, Marc Skid underwear is dedicated to the betterment of the world and its people. The mission of the […]
Safety Net Technologies: Using LED lights To Revolutise Fishing
BY Zoe Cuckow ·
Our oceans need us more than ever. From ocean plastics to coral reefs getting warmer to overfishing, they are being damaged at an alarming rate. Given the demand of fish as the main protein source for 1/5 of the world’s population and providing a livelihood to 260 million people globally, how can large scale, commercial […]
Redemption Roasters: Supporting Young Offenders
Work & SkillsWork & Skills
BY Ted Rosner ·
Redemption Roasters are on a mission to change lives through coffee. They are committed to supporting young offenders to successfully reintegrate into society through professional-level barista training and job opportunities. Redemption Roasters achieved a coffee world first: opening a roastery in a prison run by young offenders in HMYOI Aylesbury. It was founded by Max Dubiel […]
Share Shed - A Library of Things
Charity & Civil SocietyCharity & Civil Society
BY Mirella Ferraz ·
Describe Share Shed - A Library of Things Based in Devon, the Share Shed is the world's first mobile library of things. It allows people to live better lives by borrowing things they would otherwise have to buy. It offers over 350 useful items like tools, appliances tents, bikes, and musical instruments for its members […]
Homes4All Oxfordshire: Offering Safe Spaces For The Homeless
BY Deborah Robson-Grey ·
With homelessness in Oxford growing at an alarming rate, the team at Homes4all Oxfordshire pioneered a drop-in café run out of a local shop. They focus on offering friendship and genuine hospitality. So far, they’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from the homeless community and the generosity of volunteers. Here’s their inspiring story of […]
ShowerBox: Free, Secure Spaces For Those Who Sleep Rough To Wash In London
BY Sarah Lamptey ·
ShowerBox was borne out of the human need to feel good and lead a safe life. Through funds raised, a trailer was bought at the end of 2018, servicing a winter shelter on Tottenham Court Road, London. Without this trailer, over twenty guests would not have had access to showering facilities.
Chatty Cafes: Helping to Reduce Loneliness
Charity & Civil SocietyCharity & Civil Society
BY Alexandra Hoskyn ·
Meet Alexandra Hoskyn. Back in 2017, she noticed exactly the same, decided to do something about it and launched the Chatty Cafe scheme. A simple idea. Alex asked cafes to pop a sign on a table saying “The seats on this table are for anyone happy to chat to other customers”.  And that’s all it […]
#Tenner4Good: How to Change the World with £10
Charity & Civil SocietyCharity & Civil Society
BY Matt Callanan ·
“I’d like to give back” is something people often say.  Giving makes you feel good; it’s very simple. Meet Matt Callanan.  When Matt won £20 on a scratch card, he decided to share his good fortune and buy a Big Issue seller some food.  And so began the #WeMakeGoodHappen & #Tenner4Good movement.  
Erase All Kittens: Can Kittens Save The World By Teaching Girls To Code?
Work & SkillsWork & Skills
BY Dee Saigal ·
Erase All Kittens is a revolutionary, online game that's changing how we approach teaching coding, especially for girls. Bringing creativity and engaging storytelling to the fore, equipping them with the coding skills essential for 21st Century degrees and careers. 
InsideOut: Smashing the Stigma around Mental Health
Mind & BodyMind & Body
BY Rob Stephenson ·
InsideOut is on a mission to smash the stigma around mental health in the workplace. Founded by Rob Stephenson in 2017, one of InsideOut's main initiatives is the ‘People’s List’. Inspired by the excellent work of Suki Sandhu (Out-standing) and Karen Mattison MBE (with and Timewise Power 50), they are looking to create a ripple effect […]
BioSURE: HIV test kit
Mind & BodyMind & Body
BY Brigette Bard ·
BioSURE is bringing cost-effective, straightforward, fast and accurate testing technology for HIV to the mainstream via their self-testing HIV test kit. The aim is to get people talking and give people an alternative way to test, as part of a plan to eradicate HIV by 2030. BioSURE was founded by Brigette Bard in 2011.
VeganNation: Disrupting Human Consumptive Behaviour Globally
Mind & BodyMind & Body
BY Rena Thomas ·
VeganNation is bringing the one-of-a-kind infrastructure to unite the vegan community globally with an all-encompassing ecosystem.  A nation is as strong as its economy and the economy is as strong as the currency which is why VeganNation is powered by its own decentralized currency - the VeganCoin.
Chatterbox: Online Language Learning Service Powered By Refugee Talent.
Equality & DiversityEquality & Diversity
BY Mursal Hedayat ·
Chatterbox is building an online language learning service powered by refugee talent. Chatterbox connects the problem of underutilised refugee talent with an opportunity in the demand for their language skills.
WasteShark: Plastic - Eating Drones
Plastic PollutionPlastic Pollution
BY Richard Hardiman ·
Richard Hardiman, the accidental environmentalist, speaks honestly about his entrepreneurial journey, discovering a passion for drones and plastic recycling he never dreamed of, and how the creative, entrepreneurial side lies in each of us- waiting to be unleashed. RanMarine Technology B.V. has just launched Waste Shark, their first product. These fully autonomous drones swim through the […]
Wareologie - Empowering People With Magnetic Button Adaptors
Mind & BodyMind & Body
BY Gina Adams ·
Ware·ologie, LLC is social venture startup, dedicated to solving a compounding problem that affects over 30 million Americans with hand disabilities. The company designs innovative, stylish products to restore independence and empower people to carry out essential activities of daily living, such as getting dressed. Limitations in dexterity are a common symptom of many illnesses.
Opportunities for Life: Thirsty For Change
BY Danielle Sturton and Michael Ross ·
Opportunities for Life's mission is to bring clean drinking water to those in need in developing countries. 1 in 10 people on our planet doesn't have access to clean water, OFL pride itself on its 100% model. 100% of public donations fund clean drinking water projects.
Consortium To Rebuild Puerto Rico
Charity & Civil SocietyCharity & Civil Society
BY Joseph McKinney ·
It’s been ten months since Hurricane Maria put Puerto Rico’s crumbling infrastructure in the international news. As life returns to normal for the locals, the headlines fade but the hard work of preventing another catastrophe has not yet begun. Humanitarian organizations were quick to focus on water, shelter, food and warmth. Hundreds of thousands of […]
Socks and Chocs: Clean Socks for the Homeless
BY Sam Colyer ·
Having wet, cold feet is undeniably miserable. Yet for homeless people, it’s a daily reality, and one that left untreated, can result in a number of nasty health conditions. Ex-serviceman Ian Northcott, also known as the busking bobby (check out the video on youtube!) knew he wanted to do something to help the homeless, and […]
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