iGreengo: Encouraging an “Access All Areas” Approach in the World

Meet Emiliano Vettore, he’s the co-founder of iGreengo, along with Diego Pellizzaro. Emiliano is an expert in developing measures to tackle climate change.

Cities, as well as countries, are natural hosts to plenty of places of beauty: think nature, landscapes and storical-cultural value. Unfortunately though, they are not always valued, often remaining unknown or even abandoned. Often these locations have great potential, but they can also be a burden for the owners of the land.

Even if we don’t realise, many of us are familiar with these areas, they might be, for example, a garden, forest, beach, a vineyard or an orchard. The potential in these areas is great: untapped tourist areas to be used perhaps for hiking, reading a book in the shade, a picnic, celebrating a special occasion in an exclusive location.

And here is where iGreengo was born. iGreengo is the first sharing community (market place) of outdoor places. It allows the owner of a beautiful place to share it and make it known, and gives other people the chance to enjoy unique and unforgettable tourist experiences.

iGreengo was born with a specific objective: to improve the environment in which we all live!

The success of this sharing system has many benefits:

  • Provides an opportunity to discover and share many beautiful places that, right now, are unknown and inaccessible.
  • Allows the landowner to use the revenue of the visit for environmental improvement to prevent the degradation of the location, or, as in many cases, the abandonment of the area
  • Increases the number of “wonderful places” to visit and encourages others to do the same. It offers a widespread benefit to the land, the environment and the community (due to the increase of ecosystem services in these natural or semi-natural places that this project can generate).
  • iGreengo also addresses public entities, helping them to promote, utilise and manage many places in town. More than 50 landowners have already agreed to the initiative and have undertaken to achieve hundreds of environmental projects.

Why do we need iGreengo?

iGreengo was born to solve specific problems. From an environmental point of view, the context is strongly compromised by the negative effects of climate change, increased by wild urbanisation that has worsened the original landscape and natural features.

“An intervention is necessary”

First of all action is needed to support territorial resilience. From an economic point of view, it’s already evident that there’s a system crisis, with dramatic consequences for employment. The tourist sector represents an obvious opportunity, however it is still too focused on the most famous tourist destinations which, by now, have exceeded their carrying capacity.

“It is necessary to promote a more respectful and sustainable form of tourism, which enhances the landscape and naturalistic excellences of which the country is rich, and which represents an opportunity for growth, especially for the less known and valued territorial realities”

And finally, from an ecological point of view, the world is facing a huge problem of pollution: air quality of many cities is constantly above the allowed limits. We need to promote healthier lifestyles. iGreengo is a possible solution to these problems. If we consider the problem of the deterioration of environmental conditions, the market place allows owners to receive money that must be reinvested to finalise projects for environmental improvement and territorial resilience. iGreengo promotes the protection of local ecosystems, combating the phenomena of degradation and abandonment and favouring the multiplication of ecosystem services.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give an aspiring change maker?

Surround yourself by people who share your idea, your sensitivity and your goals. The team is the keystone that can turn the project into a failure or a successful experience.
Find out more at iGreengo’s website. 


Emiliano Vettore is the co-founder of iGreengo, along with Diego Pellizzaro. Emiliano is an expert i...
Emiliano Vettore
Encouraging a new community of nature lovers
Positive impact on environment
Promoting respectful and sustainable tourism

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