Iconic Steps: Developing a Growth Mindset in Young People

Iconic Steps supports young people aged 16-25 to overcome barriers and take their first steps towards a fulfilling career, through film production and training.

Iconic Steps’ mission is to develop a growth mindset in young people so they can overcome barriers and take their first steps towards a fulfilling career. It was founded by Victoria Ijeh.

In their recent 2017 impact report, they found that 73.7% of the young people they supported are now in employment. Of course, more still needs to be done but as a team they are very proud of the young people they work with and how they take on board all of the advice and help given and put it into action. This year the Iconic Steps team are focussed on building brand awareness of Iconic Steps and sponsorship of the courses and gala.

What support has TRVST given Iconic Steps?

“TRVST connected me with a business coach who generously shared her experience and knowledge enabling Iconic Steps to move forward on many aspects of the business.”- Victoria, Founder

How could a corporate partner support Iconic Steps?

The young people Iconic Steps supports benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of corporate employees with mentoring and personal development sessions they give. It’d would be great for the support to be full circle through sponsorship of the courses or even the use of the production service.



Victoria Ijeh is the founder and CEO of Iconic Steps, a social enterprise that gives hard-to-reach y...
73.7% of young people
found employment

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