Socks and Chocs

Socks and Chocs: Clean Socks for the Homeless

Having wet, cold feet is undeniably miserable. Yet for homeless people, it’s a daily reality, and one that left untreated can result in a number of nasty health conditions. Ex-serviceman Ian Northcott, also known as the busking bobby (check out the video on youtube!) knew he wanted to do something to help the homeless, and so by putting himself in their “socks” as it were, it occurred to him the answer could be simple: providing clean fresh socks for those in need and started Socks and Chocs

Having, clean, dry socks is something many of us take for granted, but for those without this luxury, this seemingly small gesture can have a huge impact on comfort, mood, and health. Another luxury for many of us is chocolate: a treat that is delicious as well as a mood booster, it makes a fantastic partner to the socks.

Ian’s motto is:

“a lot of people doing a little, is better than a few people doing a lot”.

Socks and Chocs is successful because the concept is very simple, meaning lots of people find it easy to get involved and know that their donations are going straight to those who need it the most. Ian says that people see the homeless issue and think that’s “a massive problem, and they don’t feel empowered to do anything”. Socks and Chocs help to bridge that gap, offering people a chance to come together collectively to directly make a real difference for those people living on the streets.

Across the country Socks and Chocs now inspire collections of socks, chocs, sleeping bags, and gloves for homeless people within local communities. They’ve also extended their support to provide emergency B&B funding for homeless organizations across the country, fund rehab places for those homeless people suffering addictions, and pay the rent when shelters are at risk of closing.

Because we’re all different and have preferences over how we’d like to help, as well as being governed by the time we have available, Socks and Chocs offers a number of ways in which you can support their cause, including starting your own local collection (where they will help you get started), so do visit their page to see what action you can take to join the Socks and Chocs mission.

Find out more about Socks and Chocs here:



Twitter: @socksandchocs

Sam is a professional writer with a particular interest in promoting sustainable practices for small businesses.
Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash
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