Bryony Spooner

Bryony Spooner is Marketing and Communications Director of Deki, a microfinance organisation delivering microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, enabling these entrepreneurs to start or develop a business and work themselves out of poverty.

Bryony became interested in applying her skills of ‘fame generation’ in the charity sector after reading an article about microfinance and the life changing affects it can have in the developing world. Bryony has twenty years’ experience working in public relations, communications and events for some of the world’s biggest brands and international artists. Her background is entertainment publicity. Her clients included Channel 4 (Richard and Judy), BBC One (The Apprentice), UKTV, 20th Century Fox, Guinness World Records, Random House, Myspace, Motorola, Disney and the charity Nordoff Robbins.

Bryony Spooner's Articles

DEKI - Can Blockchain Transform Microfinance in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Social EnterpriseSocial Enterprise
BY Bryony Spooner ·
Microfinance enables people living in poverty to become financially independent. The benefits of ethical microloans really are striking. Simply put, they create jobs. Bryony from DEKI explains more about their mission and the technological developments transforming microfinance right now. 
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