Start a conversation about mental health

Start A Conversation About Mental Health

"Ask the question “how are you?” and mean it.  Genuinely ask how someone is and be prepared to have a conversation with them if they are not Fine / Ok / Good / Alright.  This is basic human connection" – Rob,Stephenson, Founder of Inside Out

As Rob says, everyone has mental health and normalising the conversation around mental health and mental ill-health is important for everyone. Small things, such as starting a conversation, can make a huge difference. No special skills are required, simply the willingness to listen openly. if you would like more tips on how to start these conversations, see Mind's workplace resources and general resources.

If you are a young person or you supporting a young person or university student, there’s specific resources and support. Try Student Minds or Young Minds in the UK.

“ The reason we need to smash the stigma is so that talking about your mental ill-health and seeking help becomes as normal as explaining why your leg is in plaster after a break" – Rob Stephenson, Founder of Inside Out

In the UK, 10 million adults are diagnosed with a mental health problem each year
Source: NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care (2009)
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