Nuala Murphy

Nuala Murphy is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, CEO of Moment Health – a healthtech solution that offers early intervention to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Most recent accolades include Ones to Watch, Ulster Business, Top 100 UK startups, Sunday Times Maserati 100, Digital DNA Entrepreneur of the year, Top 40 Under 40 NI and, Belfast Top 50 Business award and Young Business Ambassador Award to name just a few.

Nuala Murphy's Project

Nuala Murphy is the founder and CEO of Moment Health, an organisation on a mission to support new families everywhere to take a moment, take care and take control of their mental health. 

Nuala Murphy's Tweets

A Strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part. #ThursdayThoughts

Hello 👋
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No one notices when the strong one is tired of being strong. I wasn't myself for months and nobody noticed. #StrongerTogether #mondaythoughts

Today with the @AwakenHub private Slack group members we are discussing the thorny issue of ... What is my company valuation & what can I do to improve that before I start raising money? ... always an interesting topic for #startup founders #femalefounders #Ireland

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