James Routledge

James Routledge is the one of the founder of Sanctus, aiming to put the world's first mental health Gym on the high street and make mental fitness as mainstream physical fitness. They aim to be the Nike of mental fitness.

James set up Sanctus to create the brand that he wished had existed for him and for millions of others. A brand that aims to redefine mental health as a whole and help people become the best version of themselves. They do this through coaching, community events and working with businesses where we create the environment for people to openly talk about mental health.

James started his first business with friends at University aged 20. They raised $1m in Angel and Venture Capital investment and grew their team and product to relative scale (never went back to University).

In the process of building the business, raising investment and subsequently dealing with its failure, he describes that he "lost sight of who he was. I burnt out, suffered with anxiety and had regular panic attacks. I'd pushed myself to the limit for 3 years working on something I wasn't truly passionate about and lived my life as someone else in my quest to impress others".  With Sanctus, James is trying to change that for himself and others.

James Routledge's Project

Sanctus is a safe space and community to talk about your mental health & fitness. The team believe in treating mental health just like physical health, one day they hope that their safe space is the world’s first mental health gym on the high street.

James Routledge's Tweets

Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay.

It's incredibly important to us to know our staff have access to top-class support, which is why we contract @Sanctus to provide monthly mental health coaching sessions, as our Happiness & Wellbeing Officer @Lish_Griffiths explains:

Good mental health in the workplace:
✅ psychological safety
✅ open, 360 feedback
✅ 1-2-1’s that also focus on wellbeing
✅ flexible working
✅ purpose alignment/feeling of belonging
✅ supportive managers & leaders
✅ personal growth & development
via George Bell @Sanctus

Ahead of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek next week, I wanted to share some anonymised feedback that the @airadigital team has shared after sessions with @Sanctus, our mental health coaching partner who we've worked with since 2018:

⭐A new episode of #DiverCityPod is now live!⭐ We explore the value of balancing work and rest, and look at how to navigate this balance in demanding professional careers, with guests @Eli_Albrecht, @gibsondunn and @georgebettany, @Sanctus. https://divercitypodcast.com/series-thirteen-episode-six/


#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek has been running since Monday. At InfoSum, we're grateful for the support of each other and we'd like to thank @Sanctus and @Headspace who are fantastic resources for supporting our ongoing mental health.

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