Gina Adams

I spent the first part of my career in the apparel industry. Living in Colorado at the time, I grew a deep appreciation for nature. I was fortunate to work for The North Face and understand how functional apparel is essential for exploring the outdoors in comfort.

Fast forward, when I moved back to my home state of Michigan to raise my children, I was shocked by the lack of environmental practices in their school. I launched my first company, Peace, Love & Planet, to heighten awareness and encourage eco-friendly school cultures. We work with schools to develop comprehensive recycling programs and reduce food waste in cafeterias.

In 2017, after witnessing the devastating impact of Parkinson's on my stepfather, I created the social, mission-based company, Wareologie, to create functional apparel for people with disabilities. Wareologie has allowed me to combine my two passions: product development and social justice. Style may not be critical but that's how people express individuality. Wareologie designs stylish products to restore essential activities of daily living. Whether recovering from surgery, a stroke, or faced with a degenerative disease like arthritis, my mission is to help people regain time, restore independence, and most importantly, emotional well-being.

I am driven by passion, tenacity and commitment to help people.

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