Brigette Bard

Brigette Bard is the founder and CEO of BioSure UK. She is passionate about the role self testing has to play in allowing people to make informed choices and assume responsibility for their own healthcare. She is actively and dynamically involved in normalising the conversation around HIV, breaking down stigma and nurturing understanding around confident sex and sexual health.

BioSURE has developed the first legally approved HIV self testing kit in the UK. The BioSURE HIV Self Test enables people to find out their HIV status at a time and place of their choosing. The BioSURE HIV Self test uses a very small amount of blood from a finger prick sample to detect the presence of HIV antibodies and is over 99.7% accurate. Their biggest achievement to date was developing the world’s first HIV self test to utilise blood. They gained a CE mark and launched in the UK in 2015.

Brigette Bard's Project

BioSURE is bringing cost-effective, straightforward, fast and accurate testing technology for HIV to the mainstream via their self-testing HIV test kit. The aim is to get people talking and give people an alternative way to test, as part of a plan to eradicate HIV by 2030. BioSURE was founded by Brigette Bard in 2011.

Brigette Bard's Tweets

Nobody wants #PlanB. Knowing if you have protection to #COVID19 means you can make better informed decisions. This #Oktobertest, test on your own terms and #KnowYourStatus. #BeBioSure

Is this the week to #TakeControl and #KnowYourStatus? It's never been easier. Free discrete P&P to any UK address. #Oktobertest
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It's #Oktobertest. Knowing your status means you can make better informed decisions, for you and those you love. #KnowledgeIsPower so #TakeControl today. #BeBioSure

Do you know if you have protective antibodies to #COVID19 or do you guess? Would knowing your status put your mind at rest? #TakeControl and know today. #BeBioSure

Knowing your team’s #COVID19 protective immunity status allows you to mitigate risk and make better informed choices, on both individual and mass scale levels.
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Keep your workplace COVID safe by knowing who has protection to the virus.
The BioSURE workplace testing solution is designed to 'keep Britain at work' in a simple and safe way and avoid the Government’s #PlanB.
#Oktobertest #BeBioSure #COVID19

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