Being Brilliant & Human June

Being Brilliant & Human June 2020

“Being Brilliant and human” curates and shares human, practical and realistic approaches to life and work for those who are following their own path and are juggling multiple projects or streams of focus.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the situation we find ourselves in, I want to show friendship and solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I have found this powerful as a starting point to educate myself.

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Lifehack to change your life: To get things done, you have to *do*

There is no app or device that will influence your life like this annoyingly simple guidance.
This is a lovely article that gives some tips on how to focus on the mundane and to learn to enjoy the process.

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Is this the end of productivity?

A realistic look at how this culture of being busy has been disrupted by COVID and how it is making people reflect on whether doing more is really better.

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Build on what you already have

This is a great reminder to remember to stay connected, and in touch, with who you already know and using those strong foundations to then venture to the new.

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A time to build

Marc Andreessen writes about how we forgot to build and maintain the meaningful and fundamental elements of our world, promoting the illusion of innovation and creativity and not putting it to good use. Hopeful, but pragmatic, an inspirational call to action.

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A great book!

Sway: Unravelling unconscious bias by Dr Pragya Agarwal (on amazon)

I have just started this book, which was recommended by two people I regard highly, again pertinent for all of us to understand our own situation and make changes to how we conduct ourselves. "Be the Change you wish to see."

HT Raj Khaira and Ruth Sacks

Podcast worth a listen

Jon & the Futurenaughts

Jon and the Futurenauts
This is a light-hearted but realistic and optimistic look at systems and how we are affected by them, but more importantly what we can do to change things. I am not emphatic about a lot, but this is a must listen!

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