Being Brilliant and Human: Taking Time to Wonder Why

“Being Brilliant and human” curates and shares human, practical, and realistic approaches to life and work for those who are following their own path and are juggling multiple projects or streams of focus.

I hope you are having a chance to enjoy the start of summer, either with the weather poking you to it, or the fact that schools are closed and you have the children at home (again! but without the schooling part!).

I have had the luxury of making it to a week away for the 1st time in 18 months, to Cornwall, rather than taking time off in my own home. It was glorious! 😎 I always cherish my holidays as we have managed to get them just right to suit all our needs. I am grateful for the time off digital and just being.

Life can be fractious at the moment and I hope you manage to find a little space for your own thinking and being. I think we underestimate how important it is until we have it.

I have been pondering about why I write this letter to the ether every month and want to make sure that I am doing it for the right reasons. I am fortunate that every one of you is a friend that I have spent time with and it makes it easy to write. I want to share useful/though provoking things that I come across too.

I very much want to use it as a way to stay connected to you, especially when life gets in the way and coffee conversations seem hard to find space for, but I am always open to having! 😁

So for now I will continue on, whilst I feel that I have useful things to share!

I am however removing the podcast as I haven't listened to any other than the back catalogue of No Such Thing as a Fish because I am with my husband on my daily walks (and probably T whilst she is off school), which makes it a lovely time to chat, but not to find time to listen (Audiobooks instead for those that like to listen). I am also spending a lot of time with my Britbox subscription watching British police procedurals rather than reading them. 🙄

I wish you have a gorgeous summer and are able to do some of the things we missed out on last year within your own risk profile.

Warmest Wishes

The fence is uncomfortable, but affords the best view

I am a fan of being an owner of a "strong opinion, loosely held". This article describes a little about what it is not to live life in black and white. Sitting on the fence is often used as a pushy way to get people to make decisions, but nuance is in every day life. We need to find a way to live with it.

Link to article

Dancing with systems

Donella has been attributed by Kate Raworth for inspiring her work on Donut Economics. This article really defines how much systems need to be relaxed and reactive. It is good to have it articulated in a formal way as I recognise I use many of the elements myself, but didn't know it.

Link to article

What ‘Good’ Dads Get Away With

Sadly, this article is not positive reading. If you are a father, please take pause to consider how you are parenting and partnering. I suspect most of the mothers out there have experienced some of these things. I hope it gives a few tips.

Link to article

Is Success the Enemy of Freedom?

When we become good at something, it is hard for us to go back and become a learner again. What are we missing out on doing because we don't want to look stupid?

Link to article

A great book!

The Lonely Century (on Amazon)

I am bouncing back and forth with this book that it is not all bad, but does make me worried for my daughter. I hope it gives you some pause to consider how you are with your own human interactions and if you are asking enough of your relationships vs technology being any real answer to many things.

Thought provoking…..

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