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Being Brilliant and Human: Should I venture back into the real world

“Being Brilliant and human” curates and shares human, practical, and realistic approaches to life and work for those who are following their own path and are juggling multiple projects or streams of focus.

I hope this finds you well and content. It is feeling like summer is a distant memory with some of the weather I am having here, I hope you may be enjoying better, but if not, that it isn't dampening your rest & relaxation time.

Time is running fast and it feels like I only just finished last month's note to you, and I am already thinking about schools being back and how to navigate my socialising time. As you may remember, I have really enjoyed being locked down and not having to go out, but now I have to put some effort into venturing out and seeing the important people in my life. That means 'wasting' some of my time travelling and possibly venturing on to public transport…….

As many of us have, I have looked at all my relationships and have intentionally made decisions about many of my relationships and where I need to apply my efforts professionally too. The Happy, Smart and Useful matrix is a simple decision tool that facilitates those intentions.

The first article has given me the food for thought about the importance of reflecting on my relationship with time as it is not a waste to travel for the most important of relationships. It is the greatest gift.

The links below indicate a little how much reading of short articles I am not doing, but joyously how much book reading I am. I have been given a flurry of good recommendations and have gone down the rabbit hole of Amazon recommends and so you will probably see a list of those over the next few letters.

I hope you have a wonderful few more weeks of summer, one way or another!

Warmest Wishes

P.S. In my role at Hubbub I am in the process of hiring an Ops Executive and Product Manager so if your know anyone looking for a role that fits the bill, we are a lovely bunch and we fit the profile of human-centric company, I am happy to send over the role profile. 😁

The greatest gift to others is time

As an activator in SHEEO, I gain many perspectives, often from age old wisdom of indigenous communities. This article shows how quickly you can build relationships when you reflect on your own relationship with time. Thought-provoking, without many answers.

Link to article

Happy, Smart and Useful

Simple decision matrix to check that you are on the right track for your own goals and can find your purpose in life.

Link to article

How to become a master at talking to strangers

This is an article that Georgie linked to in her newsletter written by Joe Keohane who interviewed her for his book. Her purpose and training is brilliant and this details some of it here. Cannot recommend it highly enough to get your socialising muscles active again. It has also persuaded me that small talk is worth the effort.

Link to article

Your still exhausted

This is a lovely article I came across this week in my Newsletter from Jocelyn Glei and it may take you down a rabbit hole of lovely articles persuading us to have compassion for ourselves.

Link to article

A great book!

Humankind (on Amazon)

“So be realistic. Be courageous. Be true to your nature and offer your trust. Do good in broad daylight, and don’t be ashamed of your generosity. You may be dismissed as gullible and naive at first. But remember, what’s naive today may be common sense tomorrow. It’s time for a new realism. It’s time for a new view of humankind.”

I tend to live this way, it is nice to have it validated with stringent academic research. This is a must-read enjoyable and uplifting.

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