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Being Brilliant and Human September 2020

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Reflections on Nurturing Friendship

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Well summer is over and we are now back to school with a bang (whether or not you have children). September for me is always the new year, I suspect that may be the same for many of us who have 13 years or so of that habit ingrained into us. I am glad that my daughter can now go back to socialising, something children can only learn by doing and in-person. So even with the epic military precision planning that the schools and parents have had to endure, it has all been worth it.

It has meant that I have been reflecting quite deeply on what friendship is, what it means to me and how important it is in my life. Lockdown has made us reflect about how we maintain those ties that bind and hopefully, how we want to nurture them as we navigate the differing health guidelines etc.

I am in that paradox of space where I want to ensure I dedicate intention and effort around my current friendships (business and personal), whilst trying to find good ways to meet new people and develop new relationships. I need to cultivate my desire for serendipity and its ability to bring joyous and bizarre results reminding us that we don't have that much control over life and that change/uncertainty does have many good points. The podcast below offers so many little gems for you on that front!

If you want to generate some serendipity, one of those magical places is Little Conversations by Katie Elliott, for those that want to dip their toes into a low pressure way of having a thought provoking and gentle conversations with new people.

I hope you enjoy!

Warmest Wishes

Are you my friend?

I have come across Laurence Yeo recently and I enjoy his fun approach. I have struggled for so long to understand what friendship is and whether I can call someone a friend with very limited evidence that they are or that they think I am one to them. This doesn't give an answer, but a comforting thought exercise.

Link to article

Its never too late to answer an email

I cannot agree more with the title of this article. We worry that perhaps there is a statute of limitations for responses. That is just our imagination. This article gives permission and some hints on how to do it with some finesse. I have been on the receiving end of some joyful connections unexpectedly responding after a while.

Link to article

The Reliants Project

This is a great project that is looking at how relationships affect us, how we build them, nurture them and the effect they have on our lives. This article shows how our relationships change as our lives do and how hard it can be to maintain, just based on proximity and life circumstance.

Link to article

CNN story

An uplifting story about the amazing gift a doctor and a team of 19 nurses and therapists gave by hunkering down all night to care for the little ones without knowing the condition of their own homes and families. When Hurricane Laura bore down on a hospital in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the staff stayed behind to care for 19 babies in need. Some of the babies were on respirators and ventilators, some weighed less than a kilogram, some of them were born at just 23 weeks.

HT Future Crunch
Link to article

The Age of we need each other!

This article is hard to describe, but it is nourishing to read and not long. You can make a big impact in your small patch of the world, rather than being immobilised with so many problems that need solving.

"Our culture validates and celebrates those who are out there with big platforms speaking to millions of people, while ignoring those who do humble, quiet work, taking care of just one sick person, one child, or one small place on this earth.......I know that their impact doesn’t depend on their kind action going viral on the internet and reaching millions of people........ On a five hundred or five thousand year timescale, the impact is no smaller than anything a President does."

Link to article

A great book!

Give and Take by Adam Grant (on Amazon)
This book is proof, if you need it, that altruism and generosity will drive your success. It shares the importance of self-care, not as selfishness, but a fundemental requirement to be of help to others. I can attest to my life being so much better because I try and follow the guidance in this book. Good Karma is alive and well for me.

Podcast worth a listen

Do One Better

Do One Better
Who would have thought that serendipity can be cultivated, a little bit like luck. This is a great listen that gives lots of tips about how to stay open to new opportunities just by a few little behaviour changes and ways to start conversations. I particularly like the approach of a serendipity journal and have started one. HT Aleema Shivji

Affiliate Disclosure: TRVST is a participant in various affiliate programs, including Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and its international variants. As such, we may earn an advertising fee from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.
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