Being Brilliant and Human July

Being Brilliant and Human July 2020

“Being Brilliant and human” curates and shares human, practical and realistic approaches to life and work for those who are following their own path and are juggling multiple projects or streams of focus.

Following on from my 1st post, I was amazed with how much 'just getting started' pushed my motivation levels. I was busy concentrating on all the activities I had control of, that those I worried about slipped to the back of my mind.

Preparing, writing and curating this has made me very excited to get up and get started. So in that spirit, here are some articles that, I hope, give you something to start with, using your own special sauce and unique set of skills.

The first article highlights how much we don't know because the history books 'exclude' so many, and you can start small, with the resources you already have and the rest are about being you........

Warmest Wishes

Martha Harper, the real creator of the Franchise model

A woman who should be much more widely credited with creating the franchise business model. It shows how much you can do when you just start doing something with what you have, even with so many roadblocks in the way and how important good quality and customer service is! 🙂

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Do it your way, with your unique set of skills

I read a lot of Darious' articles and this one delivers a great metaphor about doing things your way and not always looking at how or what others do. You have your own strengths and skills, use them.

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Steve Jobs connecting the dots can only be done backwards

You have to trust in something—your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

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When you decide to share and it all goes well..... business is lovely. No T&Cs just be you.....
Micheal is an engaging writer and a lovely man. I recommend his blog highly.

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Uncomfortable conversations with a Black Man

Says what it does on the tin. Hugely helpful and entertaining, Emmanuel Acho answers questions in a way that I find helpful.

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A great book!

The end of Average by Todd Rose (on amazon)

Todd describes how being on the treadmill to race to being the top of a pile that makes everyone conform to an average, may not be the best approach. A lovely read shining a light on how important it is to be yourself and play to your strengths.

Podcast worth a listen

On Self Acceptance with Nigel Owens

Self Acceptance Nigel Owens

The beloved Welsh rugby referee Nigel Owens to explore the lessons he has learnt and can share about accepting yourself. When Nigel was a young man, he struggled to accept his sexuality which led to a failed suicide attempt. Thereafter he realised he had to accept who he was and his life then flourished professionally and personally.

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