Being Brilliant and Human December 2020

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Taking some time for rest and rejuvenation

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I hope you are doing OK through the Groundhog Day we can call 2020.

I still have some of my spirits up, but I am very much glad I decided to take a long Christmas break and rejuvenate. The time off I did plan, and take, throughout this year, didn't give the results I usually enjoy and I am ready for 3 weeks on the sofa in my PJs until at least midday (with one week for full-on Christmas baking requested by my daughter).

I have collated some lovely articles to remind us how important it is to take a break and, with work always managing to fill the space if we let it, giving us the excuse or push to make it happen.

I hope you enjoy!

Seasons Greetings, Happy Christmas and  a Merry New Year [delete as appropriate]

Warmest Wishes

Your 'Surge Capacity' is depleted,  it's why you feel awful

I came across this early on in the pandemic, it gave me comfort to know that what we were/are feeling is a combination of factors. It is an uncharted path, but this offers some tips to stop turning in on yourself and how to cut yourself some slack. Sorely needed for me at least!
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What if you deleted your emails during holidays?

I am taking a leaf out of this book this for my Christmas break. The system places the burden on the sender rather than the recipient, which may seem unfair. But it saves extra stress—and it’s your inbox, “I don’t have to worry about your message unless you decide it’s important enough to repeat it”
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The False Promise of Morning Routines

Something sinister seems to be going on if you feel that you have to wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual to improve your well-being, so that you can also work 60 hours a week, cook dinner, run errands, and spend time with your family.
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Can't stop working at night?

Most people have been switched on and fully focused this year. That's not uncommon during a crisis. So it's a good time to work less than usual. Dale Carnegie’s advice was to "rest before you’re tired." He said that in the 40s.
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A great book!

Quite by Claudia Winkleman (on Amazon)
I stumbled across this when the Christmas books were released in October and wanted something not to pressured and a little bit fun. This has all that with some wise insights. Laugh out loud funny in places. Low pressure, entertaining read for the break......

Podcast worth a listen

No Such Thing as a Fish

No such thing as a fish
I religiously listen to this when it released every Friday. The back catalogue is available to listen. Always entertaining, with interesting conversation that has no real agenda. A lovely break from anything heavy.

Ghilaine is passionate about allowing people to do their best work and delight others. She activates people to collaborate better in fast growing businesses, building effective operations, increasing motivation and improving customer relationships in a fast paced, changing environment.
Main Photo by Artur Stanulevich on Unsplash
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