April 2021

Be Kind to Yourself: Personal vs Systemic Challenges

“Being Brilliant and human” curates and shares human, practical and realistic approaches to life and work for those who are following their own path and are juggling multiple projects or streams of focus.

Can you believe it, Easter is here? I have been fortunate with the weather here and the longer days and am grateful for it. I hope to have more opportunity to get the ping pong table out in the garden and beat my husband, finally…..

It has been a tough month with the news out there and I have been sitting in frustration and anger for a lot of these last few weeks, but I have been fortunate to be in some lovely communities where stories have been told and support has been built. However, I am bouncing between the struggle of feeling that nothing really changes and we are having the same conversations repeatedly, to seeing conversations being started with people and in groups who may not have had any exposure to the issues and challenges of daily life that many do.

I try to be hopeful and struggle on……

Some of the below have helped me manage some of these feelings.

Warmest Wishes

Late-Stage Pandemic is Messing with you Brain

If you thought it was just you losing your mind after being stuck inside for this long, it isn't.

"We’re all walking around with some mild cognitive impairment…….. Based on everything we know about the brain, two of the things that are really good for it are physical activity and novelty.”

Validation if any was needed…….

Link to article

David Griner's tips on men's role to increase inequality

A twitter thread from David Griner

"When we talk about sexism and inequality, for some reason this question always gets foisted onto women. Guys, we're not their problem to solve."

Link to article

I'm a short afternoon walk and you're putting way to much pressure on me

"Hey, it’s me: Short Afternoon Walk. As you may have noticed, you’re all turning to me an awful lot these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love what we have together, but I think we need to face the truth: I can never be everything you want me to be."

Link to article

Avoiding Stupidity is Easier that Seeking Brilliance

This gave me a practical but low pressure way to view my own career and business. By paying attention to how I do things with a real attention to detail, I can differentiate myself.

"We often focus on trying to be brilliant, yet many great people get far more mileage out of avoiding making stupid mistakes."

Link to article

A great book!

The moment of Lift (on Amazon)

This gave me a sense of hope and that big change can happen. Rather than swooping in The Gates Foundation supports local solutions to the big issues. This details Melinda's journey and lessons learned on the way. If nothing else, I found this lifted me and my mood.

Podcast worth a listen

How do you cope podcast

How do you cope? Josie Long I'm not invisible

This is a great series and I thoroughly recommend listening to them all. This one resonates for all the reasons that you can imagine with the news as it is. Josie is great to listen to and I like her style of humour.

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