The Simple Joys of Getting a Haircut

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Well it feels like time is now racing by and it is now nearly May. It makes a mockery of chunks of time - each minute can not be treated equally. Sometimes I am astonished with how time can flow so quickly and drag so boringly. The biggest patience challenge I have had is waiting for the haircut, it felt like years dragging. Now I have had it, I am lighter of head, but time seems to have taken on the personality of overwhelm. It seems the haircut has the magic powers of creating busy.

It feels like these last 2 weeks have been filled out of nowhere and fitting it all in has been an active challenge to get me back to my fighting fit levels of energy management that I am proud of. I have to say to myself, daily,  "you got this, you have enough time to do what you need to do" to not run around worrying about how much I have on and actually get on and do it. Especially as I have not been able to put all my activities in the right slots for my energy levels. Meditation and lunchtimes are coming into their own and are missed at my peril. 

I have had a few similar conversations with others, so it seems that spring and relaxing of lockdown rules here in the UK is causing a shift that we are all feeling. I hope you are feeling energised with it and not like it is adding to an already too long To Do list.

I am grateful that I made my list of what I don't want to keep over lockdown and have had the necessary difficult conversations, giving me the luxury to forge new rituals and activities that I have more time for. I hope you are able to do some of that yourself too.

A bit of a mix this month, but I have felt up and down so it reflects how I have been! 🤓

Warmest Wishes

Take Care of You

Self-care seems to have been conflated with baths and face masks, but it doesn’t get to the core of genuinely tending to our own needs. We have the metaphor of putting your airplane oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others, but how many of us actually live that daily? How many of us say kind things to ourselves when we do? Katie Burke has collected the top ten pieces of advice that I found useful to be reminded of.

Link to article

Alternatives to "How are You?"

From Kat Velos is brilliant and much needed list of different questions you can ask rather than the typical. Hugely useful to open up our conversations differently

Link to article

The To Do list trap

While we’re busy tackling small tasks that we’ve convinced ourselves we have to do, we avoid the more complicated projects that will take us to the next level. Counterintuitively, a to-do list can be a powerful driver of procrastination.

Link to article

Embrace the Grind

Sadly, this isn't one of those lifehack articles, but showing that doing the boring and often mundane tasks is what makes magic happen and allows to you fix the long-term problems. This gives me validation that what I spend a lot of my time doing is hugely valuable. I am going to embrace the grind even more…..

Link to article

A great book!

Unspoken by Guvna B (on Amazon)

The joy of the library e-book list is that the search functions are limited, so it is like browsing shelves in a bookshop, seeing books I may not normally come across in my digital echo chamber. This is lovely read that may give you a different perspective. I am especially interested in the view of toxic masculinity from someone who is surrounded by that cultural view.

Podcast worth a listen

George Ezra & Friends

George Ezra & Friends: Elton John

This is a little bit out of my normal listening, but this came up when I went down a rabbit hole of connected podcasts. I like this as it shows how much Elton John 'sends the elevator down' to younger artists. It is a lovely insight into a great who still nurtures new talent.

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