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5 Mindfulness Talks To Inspire a Great Day

Getting the most from our lives and being present in all that we do is an aspiration most of us share. However, to achieve this, we need to pay attention and remain focused, which takes practice and the right guidance. Here are 5 mindfulness talks to inspire a great day.

In our lives, we come across many distractions, which can cause us to lose a sense of direction. It can lead to a lack of attention and awareness of our surroundings. Distractions can also lead to stress and worry.

What is mindfulness? One way to think about mindfulness is as a tool for life that enables us to capitalize on opportunities in our work and personal lives. It also enhances our ability to connect with others while facing challenges correctly.

This is where mindfulness can inspire us to get the most from our day while also benefiting us in many other ways.

Whether we want to deal with depression and anxiety or we simply want to feel good1, mindfulness meditation is an excellent way of putting ourselves in the present. This enables us to take inspiration from within and deal with anything that might lie ahead. Being mindful can also help us benefit from a positive attitude while developing a growth mindset to help us lead positive change.

So, take a look at these ted talks about mindfulness and embrace every second of every day.

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5 Mindfulness Talks to Inspire a Great Day:

1. All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes

ANDY PUDDICOMBE, UnSeen Narratives
ANDY PUDDICOMBE, UnSeen Narratives, Ted Salon, Unicorn Theatre, Tooley St. London. 10 May 2012. Photo Credit: TED

The path to mindfulness is all about creating time for yourself. Andy Puddicombe is a mindfulness expert and explains here just how powerful it is to do nothing for ten minutes.

This Ted talk is all about freeing yourself of all distractions. By doing so, allow yourself to refresh your mind by immersing yourself in the present moment. Just ten minutes to practice mindfulness at the beginning of each day is enough to set your day up in the right way.


2. The Practice of Mindfulness

Stress affects our ability to perform on a mental and physical level. However, the practice of mindfulness is an excellent way of reducing stress2 at the beginning of every day. This TEDX talk from Diana Winston explains the science that supports the benefits of mindfulness. So, the aim is to enhance the understanding of the link between the body and the mind.

To experience the health benefits of mindfulness, it has to be worked at and practiced regularly. Here you can learn just how powerful the mind really is and how it can help you connect with the people you are surrounded by.


3. In Praise of Slowness

Carl Honore speaks at TEDGlobal 2005 - Ideas Big Enough to Change the World, July 12–15, 2005, Oxford, UK. Photo: Robert Leslie / TED

Doing things quickly can often inhibit our ability to be productive. We tend to find that we spend a large portion of our time rushing around in life. This means that slowing down and taking our time can bring many benefits.

If we are more mindful of how we act and think, we can increase productivity and achieve more. In a TEDGlobal talk by Carl Honoré, the advantages of taking things at a slower pace are discussed, proving just how much mindfulness can influence productivity.


4. How to Stay Calm When You Know You'll Be Stressed


Stress can cause a range of problems, and often, mindfulness is used to de-stress, particularly after a stressful event. However, if we are aware that a stressful event is approaching, mindfulness can actually help us to prepare for it. Whether this is an important presentation or a job interview,

Daniel Levitin's mindfulness talk "How to stay calm when you know you'll be stressed" (with nearly 15million views)  discusses how thinking ahead can help you avoid making mistakes in stressful times. So, if you face a stressful situation, mindfulness meditation can help you achieve clarity, improve your mental health, and tackle the challenges in daily life head-on.


5. The Art of Stillness

When was the last time you did absolutely nothing? Once again, many of us find that our days are filled with non-stop meetings or activities that leave us with very little time for ourselves. If this is the case, then doing nothing for ten minutes can make a difference.

Here, travel writer Pico Iyer talks about how important it is to take time for stillness. This enables people to achieve insight, making it one of the most effective techniques for claiming back some of our own time during the day.


Mindfulness can benefit our lives in so many ways. Take the time out to have a look at these talks about mindfulness. Find some space to focus on being in the moment and prevent your mind wandering without constraint. If you're new to mindfulness, consider seeking out some mindfulness training to get you started.

Either way, taking time to watch these mindfulness talks will help inspire you to practice mindfulness, get into the habit and start to realize the benefits. You, too, can be encouraged to find a mindful way to get the most from each day.

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