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12 Best Enneagram Books for Discovery and Learning

Enneagram is a powerful system for self-discovery, personal development, and a deeper understanding of ourselves and other people. 

We can also apply it in our professional lives. Many companies use the enneagram to train employees and help them maximize their potentials based on their personality types.

Read on as we explore the concept of the enneagram and the best enneagram books to help you begin your enneagram journey. 

What is Enneagram? 

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The word Enneagram comes from two Greek words - Ennea meaning “nine” and grammos meaning “figures” or “symbols.” Enneagram means “nine-pointed figure.” 

Enneagram is a system of interconnected personality types expressed as a number. It describes the human personality and has become useful within the subjects of personal growth, spiritual growth, and building work relationships. 

However, due to limited research, it is not fully accepted in the field of psychology. 

The Enneagram symbol 

The Enneagram symbol consists of a circle, an inner triangle, and an irregular hexagon, interconnected. These shapes all represent something. The circle represents unity. The triangle represents “the law of three” and the hexagon “the law of seven.” The integration of these shapes makes up the nine-point diagram representing nine personality types. The nine points are numbered from 1-9. 

These nine types reflect different characters and their strengths and weaknesses. It reflects each personality type looking at its motivations, desires, fears, and coping mechanisms. 

The nine personality types 

  • Type 1: The perfectionist/ reformer
  • Type 2: The helper
  • Type 3: The Achiever
  • Type 4: The individualist 
  • Type 5: The investigator 
  • Type 6: The loyalists 
  • Type 7: The enthusiast
  • Type 8: The challenger 
  • Type 9: The peacemaker 

Each of these personalities comes with its desires, fears, and motivation. With this system, you can increase self-awareness, build healthy relationships and reach your fullest potential.

Like the Myers Briggs personality test, you can take free enneagram tests online to help you identify your personality type. 

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12 Best Enneagram Books List  

If you’re interested in self-discovery, you’ll love some of the enneagram teachings. Along similar lines, you’ll also find our articles related to the teachings of mindfulness, spirituality, and journal prompts inspiring reads to help you on your way. Read on for our selection of some of the best enneagram books that all provide deeper insights into what enneagram is all about. 

Here's our list of some of the best enneagram books to help you on your journey to understanding the concept of the enneagram and ultimately discovering yourself.

1. The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types

The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types

by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson 

The Author 

Don Richard Riso was an American teacher on the concept of Enneagram. He developed several ideas on Enneagram, like the “nine levels of developments.” 

Russ Hudson is also one of the top teachers and has co-authored five best-selling books with Don Richard Riso. He has also spent his years delivering formal enneagram teachings and writing at the Enneagram Institute. 

The Book

Are you new to Enneagram, or are you an enthusiast? This book is suitable for newcomers who want a basic understanding of Enneagram. It is also ideal for enthusiasts who want a deeper understanding of the concept. The book helps you understand what motivates people and provides a practical approach to personal and spiritual growth. It is easy to read and understand. 

Why we recommend this Enneagram book at the top of our best-of list

The Wisdom of the Enneagram is a deep and practical book. It gives readers all the information they need for self-assessment and discovering who they truly are. Readers describe this book as insightful and recommend it for those who want to begin their enneagram journey. As the name suggests, it’s a worthy introduction to enneagram wisdom.

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2. The Essential Enneagram: The Definitive Personality Test and Self-Discovery Guide 

The Essential Enneagram: The Definitive Personality Test and Self-Discovery Guide

by David Daniels and Virginia Price 

The Author 

David Daniels was a professor of psychiatry at Stanford University Medical School for more than 30 years. He was also a co-founder of a training school - The Narrative Enneagram - teaching the Enneagram in the narrative tradition.

Co-author Virginia A. Price was a psychologist with a private practice in Palo Alto. She also wrote one of the most recognized books in psychology called Type A Behaviour. 

The Book 

In this book, both authors present a scientifically developed Enneagram test backed up by extensive research alongside a self-discovery guide. The book features self-tests to help you determine your personality type accurately. The book also contains instructions that take your feelings, thoughts, and experiences into account. With this book, you’ll receive an in-depth analysis of what each enneagram type means to help you understand yourself and others. 

It also shows you how to maximize your inherent strengths and equips you with the tools you need to improve the quality of your life. 

Why this is an essential Enneagram book

This book is concise, straight to the point, and easy to understand. It provides all the basic knowledge for those who are new to the concept. 

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3. The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge 

The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge

by Beatrice Chestnut

The Author

Beatrice Chestnut is the founder of an Enneagram Coaching collaborative that supports teams, leaders, and organizations. This coaching collaborative has worked with startups, Fortune 100 companies, and non-profit organizations. She is also a psychotherapist and business consultant. 

The Book 

We can further break down the nine Enneagram types into 27 subtypes. These subtypes hinge on three instinctual variants, which are: social, sexual, and self-preservation. This book takes a deep dive into these subtypes. On your journey to finding your Enneagram type, you might discover that you do not entirely identify with one personality type. This could be a result of these instinctual variants. With this book, you can gain deeper insights into your personality type and a clearer self-understanding. 

Why we like this book

The Complete Enneagram provides insights for readers who might struggle to fit into one personality type. The book provides the insight and information required for readers who want to dig deeper into understanding themselves and other personalities. It is also an excellent resource for counselors and coaches during their consulting practice. 

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4. Understanding the Enneagram: The Practical Guide to Personality Types 

Understanding the Enneagram: The Practical Guide to Personality Types

by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

The Author 

Don Richard Riso was an American teacher on the concept of Enneagram. He developed several ideas on Enneagram, like the “nine levels of developments.” He has written books on Enneagram, including this book, his second on this list.

Russ Hudson is also one of the top teachers and has co-authored five best-selling books with Don Richard Riso. He has also spent his years teaching and writing at the Enneagram Institute. 

The Book

Suppose you have taken online tests and done some personal enneagram research but don’t seem to identify with just one personality type, or perhaps you are unsure of your enneagram type. In that case, this might just be one of the enneagram books you need. 

The book provides a questionnaire to help you identify your enneagram type. It also compares the enneagram types with each other to help you understand exactly what the differences are. The authors go further by providing insights on three centers - the feeling center, the thinking center, and the instinctive center. They also guide you into which center you need to focus on based on your enneagram type. 

Why this recommendation should make your shortlist of the best Enneagram books.

The book gives comprehensive details on the subject using simple language, making it easy to read and understand. Also, the book provides recommendations that help each type to grow and improve themselves. 

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5. The Enneagram Made Easy: Discover the 9 Types of People 

The Enneagram Made Easy: Discover the 9 Types of People

by Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele

The Author 

Renee Baron is a therapist and writer. She incorporates the enneagram coupled with the Myers Briggs typologies when counseling her clients. She is also the author of several personality books, including this one. 

Elizabeth Wagele was the co-author of The Enneagram Made Easy. She was a writer, artist, and musician. She has written several books on the enneagram and Myers Briggs. She not only wrote but drew cartoons that explained the nine types. 

The Book 

If you want a simple, easy-to-read, and fun enneagram book, then we recommend this one. The book provides a good introduction and summarizes the enneagram concept. It doesn’t go too deep into each type but instead provides readers a basic idea of how each type functions using fictional characters. This book is suitable for beginners or kids who prefer not to digest a lengthy or more theoretical enneagram book. The cartoon illustrations make it a fun read. 

Why we like this book 

The Enneagram Made Easy is for everyone, from kids to teenagers and adults. It explains the nine enneagram types in the most straightforward way. This book also helps to develop and deepen relationships with others. 

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6. The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery

The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery

by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile

The Author 

Ian Morgan Cron is a pioneer of the Enneagram movement and a highly sought-after teacher and speaker. He is also a best-selling author and psychotherapist. 

Suzanne Stabile is a speaker and teacher widely recognized for her creative approach to the enneagram. She engages her audience with stories from her own life and expresses vulnerability in coaching and speaking. 

The Book 

The Road Back to you is easy to read and a must-read for everyone. Both authors share personal stories and illustrate examples in a witty and engaging way. The writing tone is less academic, unlike other enneagram books. The book also connects enneagram with Christian spirituality, teaching readers to develop compassionate relationships with themselves and others. It is both suitable for beginners and advanced readers. 

Why we like this book 

With over 500,000 copies sold, this book provides practical knowledge that helps readers discover themselves and get the wisdom they need to develop healthy relationships. 

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7. The Enneagram in Love and Work: Understanding Your Intimate and Business Relationships

by Helen Palmer

The Author 

Helen Palmer was a children's author, editor, and philanthropist. She was also a founder of Beginner Books and holds several workshops on the enneagram. 

The Book

This book focuses on studying personality types for dating and relationships. If you are curious about enneagram types and their compatibility with one another, then this book will be an excellent resource for you. 

In this book, you will discover what your partner, family, and friends consider important and will help you develop a healthy and intimate relationship with them. It can also be useful when relating with your colleagues at work as Palmer explores the particular inner worlds related to the subject.

Best enneagram books for learning about healthy personal relationships

This book provides insights into the different personalities and helps readers build more beneficial relationships with their loved ones, co-workers, and family members. 

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8. The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective 

The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective

by Richard Rohr and Andrea Ebert

The Author 

Richard Rohr is a well-recognized teacher and priest. His teachings center around Christian mysticism and the perennial tradition. He is also an author of several books. 

Andreas Robert, the co-author of this book, is a German theologian and translator in several languages. 

The Book 

The authors approach this book from a Christian perspective. This book is best for skeptical Christians who may have reservations about the enneagram. 

The book makes references to scripture and events from Christian history. It helps readers understand the relationship between Christianity and enneagram. It doesn't include tests that determine your personality type but provides detailed descriptions to help you identify your type naturally. The authors also highlight the needs, inherent gifts, and root sin of each personality type. 

This book merges ancient Christian history with the basic principles of personality types, giving readers a more spiritual perspective. It is also easy to read, and readers describe it as one of the best enneagram books on the market. 

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9. The Modern Enneagram: Discover Who You Are and Who You Can Be 

The Modern Enneagram: Discover Who You Are and Who You Can Be

by Kacie Berghoef & Melanie Bell

The Author 

Kacie Berghoef is a writer, content creator, and social media manager. She is also Amazon’s best-selling author of this book. 

Melanie Bell is an author and writing coach. She teaches at workshops with the enneagram institute, helping students gain insight into their personalities. 

The Book 

This enneagram book is loaded with teachings to help readers navigate through life’s intricacies. It promises to help readers develop a healthier relationship with themselves and with others, helping them find the strength they need to navigate through challenges in life.

The book paints real-life illustrations on enneagram principles like self-acceptance, emotion management, and career advancement. The book also ties these principles to an ever-changing world. 

Best enneagram book for those seeking self-discovery

This book is easy to read, providing essential knowledge for beginners and a broader perspective for general readers. The book contains detailed sections of each personality type and provides a holistic view of the entire system. With this book, you can discover how to manage your emotions and understand the people around you. 

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10. The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth 

The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth

by Christopher L. Heuertz

The Author 

Christopher L. Heuertz is an author and award-winning bestseller of The Sacred Enneagram. He is also a founding partner of Gravity - contemplative activism that provides retreats, spiritual direction, and consultation. 

The Book 

The Sacred Enneagram is an enneagram guide for personal growth and development. With this book, readers can gain insight and wisdom to discover themselves on the enneagram. The author explains that the enneagram is a sacred map of the soul. It provides a route out of self-defeat and puts readers on a path to finding their true identity in God with the help of enneagram transformations.

Best for helping people find their path 

This book provides strategies that help readers identify unhealthy thought patterns and negative traits. It also contains helpful charts and discussion questions that help readers break out of emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual challenges. Readers say that this book is both insightful and easy to read. 

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11. Facets of Unity: The Enneagram of Holy Ideas

Facets of Unity: The Enneagram of Holy Ideas

by A.H. Almaas

The Author 

An American author and spiritual teacher, A.H Almaas, uses a teaching method that centers around modern psychology and therapy as an approach to spiritual development. He is also the spiritual head at the Ridhwan School. 

The Book

Facets of Unity presents the enneagram exploring a more spiritual dimension. The book explains that coming to enlightened consciousness is not directed towards psychology but takes us to a higher spiritual reality. 

The book further states that having a spiritual understanding can help readers reach every “Holy Thought” and free them from limitations and unhealthy behaviors.

Why we like this book 

This is a book for enneagram enthusiasts who wish to unlock deeper truths within the powerful enneagram system. The book is not an easy one to digest, but readers boast of the profound teachings explained in this book. 

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12. The 9 Ways of Working: How to Use the Enneagram to Discover Your Natural Strengths and Work More Effectively 

The 9 Ways of Working: How to Use the Enneagram to Discover Your Natural Strengths and Work More Effectively

by Michael Goldberg

The Author 

Michael Goldberg is a writer, speaker, and consultant. He has led training, seminars as well as leadership and professional meetings. 

He is also a teacher of the enneagram and has written numerous articles, books, and publications. 

The Book 

This classic provides a detailed breakdown of each personality and their worldviews. With this book, readers can understand their managers and co-workers and their perspectives through a deeper understanding of others’ personalities. 

Readers will understand why they behave the way they do and how best to relate with them. It further helps people understand how each type relates to the others.  

Drawn from real-life stories, this book contains descriptions and insightful anecdotes that show readers how to connect with other personalities in the work environment. It also reveals their unique gifts, talents, limitations, and blind spots. 

Why we like this book 

Nine Ways of Working is both a practical and insightful book that can improve managerial relations and peer-to-peer relations at work. With this book, readers can have stronger working relationships, friendly working environments, and increased efficiency at work. 

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The enneagram has developed in recent years, becoming a powerful tool for self-discovery, self-analysis, and self-development. It has also become helpful in improving employee motivation and work productivity. 

Whether personal growth, interpersonal relationships, or spiritual growth, these books contain insights to help you begin your journey to self-discovery and self-actualization. The books listed above stem from seasoned authors with years of studying the concept. 

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