Mary Ann Clements

Mary Ann is the founder of Jijaze and she has two decades of years experience as a leader and practitioner in international development. Previously, she was the CEO of the charity AbleChildAfrica between 2004 and 2011. She is also a passionate public speaker and is a TEDX speaker and regular podcaster.

“ I have devoted my life to making an impact and like many change-making professionals, I got burnt out in the process. I want all of us to be able to do this work and create this impact, sustainably, without costing us our wellbeing — and I know it can be done. “

Mary Ann Clements's Articles

#AidToo: A roadmap for action and culture change
Charity & Civil SocietyCharity & Civil Society
BY Mary Ann Clements ·
The question in this moment is, are we truly willing to reimagine international development and aid? In this piece, Mary Ann Clements maps out some of the nuts and bolts of the different things that I think need to be addressed and considered in order to shift organisational cultures in the International Development and Charitable […]
Living Our Values: Why Policies and Procedures Aren’t Enough
Charity & Civil SocietyCharity & Civil Society
BY Mary Ann Clements ·
The bravery to step into a room and ask, How does injustice live in us? How are we behaving in ways which undermine our values? That’s the kind of leadership that’s required of us as our sector reels from the Oxfam scandal. Here Mary Ann Clements looks at how across the third sector we need […]

Mary Ann Clements's Tweets

Loved this episode of @ChangeMakeWomen important for us to ensure boundaries in place&how we deal with conflict between balancing priorities both personally&professionally (not necessarily mutually exclusive) @ZKabwe is spot on with the 'professional no' #changemakingwomen

We are changing our name. It’s a bit of a process but our online space is now called The Replenishment Room.

In line with our values, we are taking a short break to replenish ourselves est & and will be off social media for the rest of May!

See you in June!

Today is the day we take a break from What normally keeps us busy and rest, reflect or work, without the usual distractions, on something that is important to us. We also take a break from social media so see you tomorrow! #awayday #timeout #selfcare #replenishment

We are seeking a organisations to participate in a pilot of our @jijaze Wellbeing & Impact process over the Summer. Read all about it here below. DM or email me if interested:

‘I’m hoping to use my research, and my own experiences of self-care, to work with aid organisations and staff to promote more reflective and compassionate ways of doing this work’ @AidSoulSearch on our latest #ChangeMakingVoices blog - read more at

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