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22 Fascinating Bird Facts About Our Feathered Friends
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
Birds are some of the most captivating creatures in the world. They are covered in feathers and come in remarkable colors. From the hummingbird to the perching birds, we have over 18,000 species of birds all over the planet. Read on to discover 22 intriguing facts about birds that we have curated.
13 Interesting Duck Facts
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
Ducks, also called water birds, are a delight of nature. Ducks live near or on water, you can find them close to fresh water and seawater on every continent of the world except Antarctica. You may be an avid duck watcher, but how much do you know about these cute birds? We have compiled 12 interesting duck facts you would be thrilled to learn.
Wellness Facts & Statistics
The efficiency of our human bodies, mental state, and the quality of our interaction with others define our wellness. The selection of wellness facts and statistics across these areas below highlights the importance of a rounded approach to wellbeing and wellness.
Leadership Facts & Statistics
An effective leader inspires and motivates people and plays a vital role in the success or failure of an organization. Effective leadership focuses on common objectives for a company's success rather than personal agendas. Where there is a lack of leadership, the teams suffer. Therefore organizations must practice leadership development to increase the effectiveness of […]
Mental Health Facts & Statistics
Like any other health concern, looking after our mental health is an essential aspect of our well-being. With recent developments both globally and country-wise, a decent amount of mental illness concerns are tackled daily. Below, the mental health facts highlight some of the important aspects of mental health, from raising awareness, stamping out stigma, and progress toward treatment and improvement.
Soft Skills Facts & Statistics
The demand for soft skills above and alongside technical abilities is growing in the ever-changing labor market. In particular, soft skills have an acute role as young people seek to be welcomed into the workforce. As the soft skills facts below highlight, they are required in fighting unemployability and other challenges facing employment and the future of work.
Fast Fashion Facts & Statistics
Today, clothing is cheap, and with Black Friday and two-for-one deals, it gets even cheaper. Fast fashion is a production model and distribution of clothing at high speed in large volumes resulting in an affordable end retail cost. As our fast fashion facts show, The so-called “cheapness” of fast fashion comes at the cost of environmental pollution and social injustice.
Sustainability Facts & Statistics
Sustainability is a concept based on the idea that humans can meet our needs adequately without compromising the ability of future generations to do the samThishis article brings you 40 sustainability facts that show how far the world has come on its quest for sustainability.
Mindfulness Facts & Statistics
Our world today is faster and noisier than it used to be, thanks to industrialization and technology. It is easy to lose our sense of awareness, creativity, and mental well-being. One way to find a balance in this busy and distracting world of ours is by practicing mindfulness. In this article, you will find 26 facts about mindfulness and meditation.
Circular Economy Facts & Statistics
The principles of the circular economy model are to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems. As the below circular economy facts show, moving towards a circular economy will not only help undo the environmental and social damage of the linear economy. But it will also ensure that future generations do not suffer resource scarcity as a result of our consumption habits today.
Volunteering Facts & Statistics
The global impact of volunteering cannot be overemphasized. As human beings, we are meant to depend on each other for survival, and volunteering is one way we can watch each other's back. As the facts about volunteering below show, there are over one billion volunteers globally, and they are the foundation of many good deeds in this world.
Entrepreneurship Facts & Statistics
An entrepreneur plays a vital role in driving the economy forward. As our collection of entrepreneurship facts below show they bring new ideas and products into the market using their skills and personal drive.
Refugee Facts & Statistics
Many people leave their countries because of violence, natural disaster, persecution, and human rights violations. These people cannot go back home, and they have to cross national boundaries into neighboring countries or look to seeking new lives in developed countries. People who come from affected areas of conflict can seek asylum legally. The following refugee facts cover a broad range of areas to inform you about the plight of refugees, the reasons, and the size of displacement across the world.
Poverty Facts & Statistics
Many people around the world live extremely poor without support, on the sidelines. Developing nations suffer tremendously on human development indicators such as health, food, funds, work, education, and mortality. Whereas statistics may seem bleak, we continue to push, and many initiatives exist to reduce poverty worldwide. These poverty facts highlight all you need to know about global poverty.
Homelessness Facts & Statistics
Homelessness is not just a housing problem for the poor. Housing and Urban Development should be the concern of all individuals. As the homelessness facts below demonstrate, all forms of homelessness can cause post-traumatic stress disorder and damage people's health and well-being, both immediately and over the long term. Crucially homelessness can stop those affected […]
Equality & Diversity Facts & Statistics
Our actions should never deny another person access to their rights and support that meets their individual needs. These 32 equality facts and diversity facts will help us better understand how to build an inclusive world.
Fossil Fuel Facts & Statistics
The remains of dead plants and animals buried deep underneath the earth's crust form fossil fuels. The process for organic matter to become fuel we can burn for energy takes millions of years. Fossil fuels contain carbon and hydrogen, which we process into a non-renewable source of energy that provides us with power. Natural gas, coal, and crude oil are forms of fossil fuels, and they are the cheapest of all fuels. Yet, when burnt for energy, fossil fuels cause a lot of harm to humans and the environment. Below are 34 interesting fossil fuel facts that help us understand the impact of fossil fuels as the move to more sustainable energy sources gathers pace.
Climate Change Facts & Statistics
Your immediate environment might seem in great condition, yet there’s no doubt we should be concerned about rising global temperatures. You may look around you and wonder, “Is the climate really changing? How do we know it is? Can we stop it?'' Below, we look at a curated selection of climate change facts that help to answer those questions.
Biodiversity Facts & Statistics
The Earth is home to different species and communities of species. Biodiversity is unique in all parts of the Earth. As the environmental conditions change from what millions of species adapted to, many are under the threat of extinction. Every species is valuable and in need of protection. These 26 biodiversity facts point out interesting aspects of our Earth’s biosystem alongside the species threatened by extinction. 
Land Pollution Facts & Statistics
Our activities further damage the land surrounding us every year, one of the earth's most important natural resources. Land pollution results from human activities, and it has become a severe problem. We do permanent damage and expose the soil to harmful chemicals, which results in the depletion of the soil's quality. The following land pollution facts show how badly our activities affect the environment.
Air Pollution Facts & Statistics
Today, we easily consider fresh air a luxury. Vehicles, factories, waste, chemicals, and domestic activities contribute to air pollution daily. Pollution introduces harmful substances into the environment, and researchers link air pollution to climate change. This alarming situation is not without remedy if we put in efforts to improve the quality of air. In this article, you will find 27 air pollution facts that help define air pollution and highlight its environmental impact on the planet.
Deforestation Facts & Statistics
We all depend on forests for our survival. They provide the air we breathe, the wood we use, and protect much of the living organisms that make up our precious biodiversity. Yet, as the deforestation facts below show, we seem to be forgetting all these.
Wind Energy Facts & Statistics
Modern wind energy systems are significant contributors to our global shift toward renewable energy. Wind turbines located at onshore and offshore farms convert mechanical energy into electricity supply to power our homes, private institutions, and public facilities. We’ve compiled a list of 39 wind energy facts to give you an insight into the growth of the industry, the benefits of wind energy, and its contributions.
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