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Upcycle Old Clothes - Tips and Ideas to Give Old Clothes a New Lease of Life
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
Upcycling clothes is a fun, creative, and money-saving way to turn your old clothes into new pieces. Apart from the creativity that comes with it, upcycling clothes is also a great way to reduce your environmental impact. Rather than tossing out old clothes and constantly spending on new fast fashion items, why not upcycle clothes you own?
Become a Tree Planting Volunteer
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
If you’ve been wondering how to play your part, a tree-planting volunteer program could be right for you and is a great way to give back to nature. When you participate in tree planting activities or planting events, you’ll be playing an important role in restoring the natural order. There are many volunteer programs across the globe, and most likely, you’ll find a tree-planting volunteer opportunity near you.
Share Your Mental Health Story
Sharing stories about mental illness is a great way to desensitize people who react with ignorance and fear towards mental health problems. It is also a powerful tool in giving hope to individuals suffering who suffering from such conditions.
Carry a Reusable Coffee Cup
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
If you’re an avid coffee drinker, the chances are that you need your morning boost daily. Our coffee fix often entails taking a trip to the coffee shop. Unfortunately, single-use coffee cups are no fix for the environment. Whether it’s the paper cups for a hot drink or the plastic for an iced beverage, they both cause unnecessary waste that impacts the environment. The switch to a reusable coffee cup or travel mug allows you to enjoy your drink while being environmentally conscious.
Eat Less Meat to Help the Environment
We all have the ability to help mitigate climate change. One major way can be eating less meat and animal products - it’s estimated that livestock farming is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse emissions, that’s largest than the total emissions of all the world’s transport.
Recycle Your Old Clothes
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
Year in, year out, you outgrow clothes. They either no longer fit perfectly, are out of style for you, or have aged due to wear and tear. Old clothing items may have outlived their use but you don’t have to throw them away, you can recycle clothes. There are many ways to recycle clothes, from clothing donations to crafts and textile recycling programs.
Host A Clothing Swap
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
If you think cheap deals are great, there is something even better. It's called a clothing swap. A clothing swap brings people together to exchange their valuable but no longer-in-use clothes. These people could be total strangers or a group of friends. It is a fun way to declutter and revamp your closet. You get […]
Try the Buy Nothing New Challenge
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
Our purchasing decisions are responsible for the consumption problem that threatens the planet today. Something as simple as a new t-shirt alone takes so much from the Earth. To grow the cotton to sew a T-shirt, we require 2700 liters of water. Joining the buy nothing new challenge is a great way to reduce the impact of your consumption on our planet and its survival. 
Take A Personal Retreat
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
When was the last time you took a break from your highly stimulating life? In the fast-paced world of today, it’s very easy to assume that we’ve been enjoying the personal time when we really have not. We must be willing to hit “pause” on life for holistic well-being and take a personal retreat once in a while.
Switch To Renewable Energy Supply
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
For the first time ever, renewable energy provided over 50% of the UK’s energy in June 2017. With the ever-increasing supply and improving technology of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro and biomass), clean energy is fast becoming the new norm.
Become a Homeless Shelter Volunteer
Homelessness is a significant issue in today's world. It is an issue that can affect anyone at any time. Unfortunately, prejudice abounds, and many people cannot imagine a world in which they themselves find themselves without a home. Choosing to become a homeless shelter volunteer is a compassionate extension of your support to people who really need it. 
Use Refillable Zero Waste Laundry Detergent
Our laundry routines involve more waste and consumption than we may assume. Making the right choices when it comes to how you wash your clothes can help you to become more eco-friendly. And when you consider the waste that comes with laundry, a great step towards being a bit more green is to use refillable laundry detergent
Choose to Buy Fairtrade
As consumers, we have a lot of power to create change. By making the right choices when it comes to what we buy, we can make our world a better, fairer, more ethical place. We can remove our support for damaging commerce systems when we choose to buy fairtrade. 
Mentor a Young Adult
Mentoring a young person can be a very rewarding experience and can make a world of difference to a young person. Mentoring comes in many forms and can be a one-off meeting or a long-standing engagement.
Host A Local Community Event
Community events can be a great way for neighbourhoods to get together, to get to know new residents, or support a local cause. Volunteering at community events can be a great way for young people to learn new skills, take responsibility and contribute to their community. There’s likely to be community organisations in your area that would welcome your skills at existing events or you can form a team and start your own event.
Bring Your Own Bags
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
Breaking our reliance on single-use plastic can be a challenge. But the small steps we take to move in the right direction really can make a big difference. Bring your own bag to help reduce plastic waste.
Compost Food Waste Instead of Throwing It Away
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
One of the best things you can do to live in a greener and more eco-friendly way is to compost food waste instead of throwing it away. Composting is far easier than you may imagine. Even if you don't have a garden or any outside space at all, there are ways to compost food waste to consider. 
Choose Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Cutlery
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
Single-use plastic cutlery is one more item to absolutely refuse while moving towards a zero-waste lifestyle. If you want to live more sustainably and ethically, then all single-use plastic has to go. We need to break our reliance on non-biodegradable fossil fuel products and transition to a low carbon society. Breaking our plastic addiction is one important part of this process. 
Best Plastic Free Chewing Gum - Choose Your Gum Wisely
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
Every item we buy, including the tiny ones, have more impact than we realise. Unfortunately, many of these small purchasing decisions could come with negative consequences. Chewing gum is one decision that could hurt people and the planet. Thankfully today you can choose plastic free chewing gum. 
Check your Food Miles
Do you ever give much thought about what country your food has come from, or how far it has travelled to land on your plate? An avocado bought in the UK might come from Peru, meaning it has travelled 6321 miles to get to you. That sort of distance is pretty shocking, isn’t it? Consider also the environmental impacts of transporting this food, however, it travelled, whether by plane, boat or road: there’s going to be a significant impact. Learn what is seasonal in your country and preference this over produce which has travelled across the world to get to you
Run a Local Beach Cleanup Event
From newspapers to a multitude of social impact posts, it is almost impossible to avoid reports on plastic waste. What’s more, many of these reports relate to plastic waste that litters our beaches. Today, and thankfully, concerned citizens are grouping together to do their bit. From individuals or small groups through to large global beach clean up days, people are rallying together to help rid our beaches of plastic waste. As such, as plastic waste continues to flood our shorelines our endeavours to reduce plastic pollution has resulted in a growth in beach cleanups across the world. 
Say No To Plastic Bottles
Plastic bottles offer us a simple and convenient solution that allows us to drink on the move and store many other types of liquids. However, over the decades, our reliance on plastic bottles has contributed to a global problem with plastic waste. Much of it down to growing demand, the single-use nature of much of our plastic consumption and the negative environmental impacts[3]. So, why should we say no to plastic bottles?
Take The 30 Days Zero Food Waste Challenge
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
How much food do you throw out each day? Several studies have concluded that the largest amount of food waste occurs in households. Data shows that in the U.K., households generate up to 7.1 million tonnes of wasted food per year. In the U.S., a single individual could generate up to 219 pounds of wasted food each year. This 30 days zero food waste challenge targets how we consume food at home, with the aim of helping us improve our food habits. 
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