Can Social Entrepreneurship Support Madagascar’s Next Generation?

Endless hours of traffic jams, disproportionate cost of electricity, very high rate of homelessness, unemployment and non-scholarized children, poor waste management, etc. Madagascar is facing multiple social and environmental problems that need to be solved urgently. It’s time to bring smart and sustainable solutions to these challenges!

Change 2R is thus organising its first creative workshop dedicated to social entrepreneurship in Madagascar, in collaboration with a local organisation, the JCI Mayendeleyo. Misitia Ravaloson is founder of Change 2R and is convinced that social entrepreneurship is one of the keys to develop the country and solve these issues.

Challenge 2R workshop is made for any young people wanting to develop their social project, to concretize a simple idea of a business or to discover the innovative concept of social entrepreneurship! One project will be selected and rewarded after the workshop to give it all the tools it would need to go to market. Rewards include a full and personalized mentoring programme by Change 2R, a free access to the Social entrepreneurship fair the JCI Maendeleyo will be organizing on August and a great visibility both nationally and internationally thanks to all the media partners.

Madagascar is now one of the poorest countries in the world, since it’s been shaked by a political crisis in 2009. By organizing this workshop, Change 2R intends to show that the development of Madagascar is Malagasy people’s business and that smallest initiatives can actually have the greatest impact!But not only is this workshop a great opportunity for young people in Madagascar to start their business and be mentored by experts. It would also encourage them to contribute to the development of the country through the emergence of positive initiatives which would address the Big Island’s social and environmental problems.

Change 2R was founded in London by Misitia Ravaloson, a 23-year old Malagasy entrepreneur, to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UNamong young people in Africa. Convinced that social entrepreneurship has a great potential in developing countries, she’s now hitting the road to share stories of changemakers all over the world and raise awareness through her 4 main activities: inspiring, storytelling, educating and mentoring.  

The JCI is a global movement that aims to encourage young people to recognize their responsibility to create a better world and empower them to act for change. The JCI Mayendeleyo is one of the 18 JCI organizations established in Madagascar.

The Challenge 2R workshop will take place on May 5 in a very cosy place in the center, where 30 young participants from different backgrounds are expected! Contact and details: 

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