Being Brilliant and Human August 2020

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It has been a tough few weeks, we are on a bumpy ride and globally there have been some big bumps that will rock us all. In my effort to catch up with friends as well as meeting new people at online events, I have been hearing stories that have made me angry (along these lines).

Angry about how people are treating each other in the workplace, especially when people are doing their best in difficult circumstances. I appreciate these are not easy times for anyone, but when people aren’t even thinking through how they may feel in similar circumstances when they act towards others, where do we go from here? Well, it has started me long form writing again…….

I am a big fan of not hiding behind false happiness, but I do like to try and put a practically optimistic spin on getting out of a funk and I have to thank Mike for talking me down from the angry ledge and saying there is always a glimmer of hope. We are seeing change happen, and of course, the biggest one we hope for is people taking control of their own work and becoming more human in their interactions.

So in the interest of turning my anger into glimmers of hope for change and practical optimism in what I share today, well, mostly. The last article is one of deep sadness for a mother who lost her child and the systems that meant people not hunting for the truth.

Warmest Wishes

Do masks mask emotions?

I have become particularly worried about the effect of face masks on building connections on the street, let alone everywhere else: The simple smile is now invisible. This article shows that we are able to discern a lot more from our eyes. Thank Goodness!
Link to article

If working less saves our planet, bring it on!

This offers many compelling reasons to look at our over-working culture. This speaks a lot about where we measure our GDP and how it is the unpaid work that is maintaining so much of lives. Basic income and value for the real heroes…….
Link to article

We need to give ourselves a break

This came into my conciousness early on in the crisis and is an amusing summary of how we should really not see this as a time to do all the things we dreamed of doing for our own self-betterment (is that a word?) HT to Jocelyn Glei
Link to article

The death of Shukri Abdi: ‘She was failed when she was alive and she’s still being failed now’

I came across this article on a little surf through some other articles and I want to share this with you as a thought provoking piece that I think puts a lot of things into perspective and that we may not see in our usual bubble. No comment, just reflection.
Link to article

A great book!

Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth (on Amazon)

With all the change going on in the world Kate has been in the spotlight because she takes a very different approach to the standard, ‘take, make money, stay rich’ approach to the economy. This gave me a lot of hope that economics can take sustainability and humanity into account and a lot of people are now listening and acting.

Podcast worth a listen

Outrage and Optimism

This is a great interview with the ex-CEO of Unilever Paul Polman who has made massive strides in turning this very big business around to be sustainable and community focussed. Showing that these are what drives success and protected the company from disaster during Covid-19. A lot of chatter at the start, his interview starts at 24:25 if you are not a fan of that.

We have a spotify playlist that include our recommendations Thanks for the idea Uyen Vo!

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