Fields of Action

Fields of Action

Fields of actions at TRVST are 15 themes where we believe we can make a difference by inspiring action and helping to tell the stories of people who鈥檝e created initiatives and projects to create positive change.


We only have one home. Climate change threatens our way of life as we face rising sea levels, mass migration and famine as a result of a warming planet. Plant and animal species are becoming extinct at a faster rate than ever before as human activity encroaches on natural habitats.

Our oceans are awash with plastic pollution, and our modern life continues to draw unsustainably on our planet's finite resources.

Yet, we鈥檙e making progress. Governments are making moves and changemakers are creating innovative solutions. We believe we all have a role to play in protecting our planet, from the switch to renewable energy to protecting biodiversity. In planet, we inspire our shared responsibility to help protect our environment and the precious life on it for each other and future generations.

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For our world to flourish we need to continue to strive for everyone to be valued and to be able to contribute to society.

Across the world, from charitable endeavours to changemakers creating social enterprises demonstrating profit with purpose, people with will and passion are showing that motivation, action and commitment can indeed make a difference.

In people we champion projects for change to inspire and motivate the impact acting for the good of each other can achieve.

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Change starts within. Good mental health and wellbeing is essential for everyone to achieve their full potential.

And we all have choices to make about how sustainably we live, what we consume and the impact that it has on our planet.

In self we feature projects that are working to make a difference to our quality of life through helping equip people for the future of work. From sustainable living and giving back to the mindset and soft skills changemakers can learn to accelerate their impact.

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