Fields of Action

Fields of actions at TRVST are 15 themes where we believe we can make a difference by inspiring action and helping to tell the stories of people who’ve created initiatives and projects to create positive change.


We only have one home. Climate change threatens our way of life as we face rising sea levels, mass migration and famine as a result of a warming planet. Plant and animal species are becoming extinct at a faster rate than ever before as human activity encroaches on natural habitats.

Our oceans are awash with plastic pollution, and our modern life continues to draw unsustainably on our planet's finite resources.

Yet, we’re making progress. Governments are making moves and changemakers are creating innovative solutions. We believe we all have a role to play in protecting our planet, from the switch to renewable energy to protecting biodiversity. In planet, we inspire our shared responsibility to help protect our environment and the precious life on it for each other and future generations.

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Every 29th of July, wildlife activists and conservators around the world celebrate the International Tiger Day. Notoriously known for their aggressive behaviour and ruthless attacks on humans, tigers are one of the finest creatures on the face of the earth. Even humans sometimes like to refer to ourselves as tigers. […]
The Earth is home to different species and communities of species. Biodiversity is unique in all parts of the Earth. As the environmental conditions change from what millions of species adapted to, many are under the threat of extinction. Every species is valuable and in need of protection. These 26 […]
Plastic PollutionPlastic Pollution
We all know what plastic is and we all use it. There is no getting away from this man-made material. In many ways we have become reliant on plastic, for our packaging, to store food, through to toys, plastic chairs and dozens of more applications. However, as environmental concerns grow […]
Climate ChangeClimate Change
BY Jennifer Okafor · 
Around the world, several technologies and processes are being applied to create climate change solutions. For example, some players in the manufacturing industry are working to reduce water waste and carbon emissions. Numerous countries are now adopting renewable energy sources that perform best in their regions to generate their electricity […]
There are more than 20,000 species of bees. Think of the bumblebees, honey bees, Africanized honey bees, carpenter bees, digger bees, mining bees, leafcutting and mason bees... just to name a few. These creatures are popular for more than their sting and their honey. Our selection of bee quotes highlights […]
Waste & RecyclingWaste & Recycling
Describe Ecoboats for Fishermen - what makes your project unique? Madiba & Nature has launched its programme to involve fishermen in the sustainable management of coastal fisheries through community mobilisation around the recycling of marine plastic waste since 2017. The organisation focuses its program around three major projects in order […]


For our world to flourish we need to continue to strive for everyone to be valued and to be able to contribute to society.

Across the world, from charitable endeavours to changemakers creating social enterprises demonstrating profit with purpose, people with will and passion are showing that motivation, action and commitment can indeed make a difference.

In people we champion projects for change to inspire and motivate the impact acting for the good of each other can achieve.

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Change starts within. Good mental health and wellbeing is essential for everyone to achieve their full potential.

And we all have choices to make about how sustainably we live, what we consume and the impact that it has on our planet.

In self we feature projects that are working to make a difference to our quality of life through helping equip people for the future of work. From sustainable living and giving back to the mindset and soft skills changemakers can learn to accelerate their impact.

Featured in Self

Work & SkillsWork & Skills
BY Dee Saigal · 
Erase All Kittens is a revolutionary, online game that's changing how we approach teaching coding, especially for girls. Bringing creativity and engaging storytelling to the fore, equipping them with the coding skills essential for 21st Century degrees and careers. 
Mind & BodyMind & Body
We tie many of the decisions we make, the actions we take to the memories of the past. As humans, we dwell so much on what has happened and what will happen that we sometimes forget “what is”. For a strong mental health and an overall healthy living, we must […]