Health For All

Ensuring that everyone has access to healthcare, when and where they need it and without financial hardship is a key goal for building a better world. Poor health is a key factor in preventing individuals from being active members of their communities through poor health.

Improving the health of women and girls and their access to healthcare is a clear priority for 2030. Lack of access to healthcare and affordability of healthcare remains a significant issue. In 2015, globally, 216 women died per 100,000 births, most of these were preventable.

Education and technology, especially digital healthcare and biotechnology, are fast growing areas of innovation, are driving innovation across healthcare. Solutions to previously intractable issues are emerging, for example, new products are addressing the medical skills shortage gap, increasing access to care in remote areas and making treatments more affordable and accessible.

Here’s some of our latest projects, actions and news from across our network under our health for all field of action. We bring together corporations, philanthropists, investors and engaged citizens to co-create new solutions through engaging projects, collective actions and showcasing inspiring and thought – provoking initiatives for change.




50% of people with HIV

are now getting treatment.

Global AIDS Update, 2017

TRVST Supported Project


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, commited citizens can
change the world
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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