Zufi Deo

Zufi is the Co Founder of BizGees - a Social Impact Fintech transforming refugees into entrepreneurs. He was a member of the judging panel for the 2014 Sirius Programme organised by the UKTI. A Mass Challenge Business Mentor and a Judge on NYU Stern Entrepreneurs Challenge 2015/16. Winning team member at the UNICEF Fintech Jam 2016, London.

Guest Speaker at Wharton Social Entrepreneurs course 2018. UK Top 50 Business advisor 2014 & 2018. Mass Challenge Judge 2019. Panelist FinTech Week London, 2019 - FinTech, Social Impact and Emerging Markets.

He mentored post grad students and staff for 6 years at King's College, London during their Business Planning competition. Zufi voluntarily uses the EMCC Code of Ethics.

Zufi Deo's Project

We transform refugees into entrepreneurs using FinTech. We custom-designed alternative finance-based services to support refugee communities to take ownership of their own lives. We are winners of the Infosys Challenge for Financial Inclusion at the UNICEF FinTech Jam for Good.

Zufi Deo's Tweets

Great working with student journalist from Oxford University.

Watch this space for their work.

Internships organised with @OxfordCareers

#flipthescript #journalists #studentlife #arts4refugees

Interesting perspective - have a read 📖

How refugees make or break peace? - Maxim Karkutli, member @sciencespo


#reporter #journalist #withrefugees #UNHCR #undp #news  #ConversationsWithPurpose

Version 🇮🇹- have a read

Quando discutere amabilmente di cambiamento climatico in un bar non è un'opzione... -  Linda Bombardini , member @sciencespo


#reporter #journalist #climatechange #climateaction #news #studentsuccess #ConversationsWithPurpose

@arts4refugees is working with @code_brave supporting local talent in Lebanon.

Watch this space for more

Another great intro from @WeMakeChangeNow 🙂

More about CodeBrave - https://codebrave.org/

#TechNews #WithRefugees #SDGs #flipthescript #PressRelease

Climate change is the biggest displacer of people globally today More here 👇

When casually mentioning climate change at a cafe is not an option… - Linda Bombardini, member @sciencespo


#reporter #journalist #climatechange #ConversationsWithPurpose

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