Equality & Diversity ?>

Equality & Diversity

Equality & DiversityEquality & Diversity
BY Olivia Rosane ·
Guest writer and activist, Olivia Rosane, share her views on the complexity of activism and Martin Luther King's legacy in today’s world. Martin Luther King Day is the only Federal holiday in the United States that honours someone specifically for activism, for working collectively with others to make society more just for all of its […]
Equality & DiversityEquality & Diversity
BY Anneke Elwes ·
London is one of the greatest and most potentially inclusive places on earth, but it has become two cities. For refugees and asylum seekers, it can be intimidating, lonely and isolating. Today’s refugees are facing unprecedented challenges, and existing services are struggling to cope.  Cities across the UK are crying out for social integration projects […]
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Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash
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