Mursal Hedayat

Mursal Hedayat is co-founder and CEO of Chatterbox, a language learning service powered by refugees talent.

Mursal Hedayat's Project

Chatterbox is building an online language learning service powered by refugee talent. Chatterbox connects the problem of underutilised refugee talent with an opportunity in the demand for their language skills.

Mursal Hedayat's Tweets

"City farming is not only possible, it is the very definition of the kind of meaningful, sustainable innovation we will need to meet the grand challenges of the 21st century: climate change; .."

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"If my fans want to do something for me when that time comes, I say, don't waste your money on me. Help the homeless. Help the needy... people who don't have no food... Instead of some big funeral, wh.."

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A new giant #offshorewind farm has just gone up in Germany. It will provide enough energy for 475,000 people. This is the path to real energy security.

We have the solutions. Implement them. #ActOnClimate

#ClimateEmergency #climate #energy #renewables #NoWarNoWarming

"We can't forget that there are so many young people who are homeless - and unbelievably vulnerable."

~ Stacey Dooley

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"Every fish fertilizes the water in a way that generates the plankton that ultimately leads back into the food chain, but also yields oxygen, grabs carbon - it's a part of what makes the ocean function a.."

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