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22 Best Nature Podcasts To Inspire Environmental Conservation

People who love to learn from wildlife and nature documentaries are in for a treat with nature podcasts. Wildlife podcasts make it so they can listen to their favorite kind of show on the go. These science podcasts fit right into a busy schedule or relaxing time-out. You can enjoy fascinating stories about the exciting natural world and gain scientific knowledge.

From the thousands of nature podcasts worldwide, we share 22 of the most interesting and educational wildlife and nature podcasts to listen to.

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22 Most Inspiring Nature Podcasts Worthy of Your Listen:

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1. Nature Guys

Nature Guys Podcast
Credit: Nature Guys

Nature feels far away for many people, especially those in highly urbanized areas. Nature Guys helps you explore nature connections in your neighborhood. The program enables you to build a deeper understanding of nature and inspires you to try and make a positive difference.

The first episode of their nature podcats aired in 2016. Its original hosts, Bob, and the late Bill, met while volunteering at the Cincinnati Nature Centre. The show has a bevy of co-hosts and a production team, all of whom are top-notch naturalists. They discuss cool stuff like apps that identify birds by sound, volcano eruptions, and historical wildflowers.

You can listen to the episodes on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and others. You can listen directly from the website as well. If you leave a voice comment in appreciation of their natural storytelling, you might just get to hear your voice on one of their future episodes.

Listen here on nature guys.

2. BBC Countryfile Magazine

Countryfile Nature Podcast

You will enjoy the BBC Countryfile Magazine podcast if you are one for adventure. It is one of the many nature podcasts from BBC Studios. Every episode is a trip to explore the countryside in search of wildlife. The hosts often spot interesting historical landmarks and share fascinating and unexpected details with listeners. 

Also, If you are interested in learning about rural and sustainable living, you'll love this show. They meet and interview the locals as they journey through the beautiful rural landscapes. These interviews usually focus on nature news and the big issues that affect the countryside. 

But it's not all glum; episodes like "The best classical music inspired by the British countryside and its wildlife" and "A beautiful and relaxing walk on the Isle of Seil with poet Kenneth Steven'' are quite cheery. Add in a handful of famous names on occasion, high production values, and nature and country lovers can’t go too far wrong. 

Listen on the Countryfile website.

3. Nature podcast

The International Journal of Science may be more famous for its Nature journal. But its podcast is fast gaining ground among science knowledge enthusiasts.

The Nature Podcast keeps listeners in the loop with all the latest science news, and Nature's journalists unpack the most exciting research related to nature fresh with new insights and statistics. The topics discussed on the show are pretty diverse, from reviving retinas for scientific studies to cultivating cannabis and ways to tackle climate change.

In every episode, they highlight intriguing research from any issue of the Nature journal. They bring on the scientists behind the research, journalists, and editors and deep dive into analysis.

The program is presented by various Nature journalists, most of whom make documentaries. So you know you are in for a short but exhilarating episode of dramatic storytelling.

The Nature Podcast is a fun way to gain a broad range of scientific knowledge and explore nature-based solutions to many of our significant conservation challenges. The infectious enthusiasm of the hosts makes it easy to stay informed.

You can also sign up for their nature briefing here, an unmissable daily round-up of the most important nature-based issues and news. Most recently, they've covered how indoor air pollution is causing a significant health burden, climate promises as the Brazilian presidency changes, and how mummies were prepared in ancient Egyptian culture.

Listen on

4. National Trust podcast

National Trust Garden
Photo National Trust Mottisfont Gardens by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The National Trust has stayed true to its purpose–protecting natural history and keeping it accessible to everyone. This nature podcast brings nature lovers, and history buffs together for a closer look at the objects and places protected by the Trust. Bonus–you get a sneak peek into the lives of the people who work at the Trust. The podcast explores the history, nature, and people in the real-world setting of the Trust's estate.

The National Trust podcast could be your ideal companion for mental wellness walks. The show takes you on auditory hikes through rugged terrains and intense bike-packing trips. It'll also transport you to peaceful manors, idyllic woodlands with chirping birds, and flowing streams.

In some episodes, they feature famous people alongside not-so-famous people who have made a mark on history. A previous episode, "The Dior of Décor," is particularly interesting. You can download episodes or listen on their website. The show is also available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and others.

Listen on the National Trust website.

5. Ologies

Ologies with Alie Ward
Credit: Ologies

If you think science and comedy can't go together, think again. Ologies is a comedic science podcast hosted by award-winning science writer and correspondent Alie Ward. It has episode after episode of Ward asking smart people curious questions and sharing bizarre stories. The show, named one of Time Magazine's top 50 podcasts, is as educational as it is humorous.

This show is right for you if you are a curious fact stickler. On every episode, the show hosts a brilliant science expert, and they discuss topics in their specialty, whether it's humans, animals, or plants.

Science stories about cooking, trains, history, and wellness also appear in Ward’s podcast series. Ologies is available on any platform you'd get podcasts. Listen to the recent episode and prepare for a riveting dosage of scientific knowledge laced with laughter.

Listen on Audible or Ologies website.

6. BBC Earth Podcast

This podcast is everything you would expect of the broadcasting giant, BBC Studios. They deliver a world-class show with immersive storytelling. The show takes you from the deepest caves and expansive deserts to wondrous outer space. 

The BBC Earth Podcast shares intriguing stories about science and nature. Episodes like "A wombat ate my homework" and "This river is legally a “person” do sound interesting. The current series–the fourth installation–promises special guest interviews and behind-the-scenes scoops. Emily Knight presents it, and she does an awesome job of carrying listeners along. 

The show is relatively short, lasting for an average of 30 minutes per episode, so it's a quick listen. However, it promises to pull back the curtains and reveal to you not so well known facts about our natural world. You can listen to the BBC Earth Podcast on any platform you would normally find podcasts.

Listen on BBC Earth.

7. No Such Thing as A Fish

This is an award-winning podcast with a comedic angle to it. The weekly podcast is a hit with the nature and science crowd. The show's concept is pretty simple; every week, the hosts–a group of researchers– present their favorite scientific fact discovered in the week.

The discussions are centered around those fascinating facts. Recent episodes discuss the Korean aging system, Chinese quizzing, hedges in England, and other interesting facts.

The No Such Thing as A Fish podcast hosts are like a cool nerd group. They sell merchandise like hoodies and mugs, go on countrywide tours, and publish books yearly. The show has such a community spirit. Join the cool science club by listening to the No Such Thing as A Fish podcast on any podcast streaming platform.

Listen to No Such Thing as a Fish.

8. Your Forest

"Respect science, respect nature, respect each other"– that is the creed of this podcast. If that's your belief also, you may have found one more favorite natural world podcast. The conversations concern sustainable hunting and fishing, wildlife conservation, water conservation, and climate change.

Matthew Kristoff, the producer and host, brings other nature enthusiasts to the show. They talk about how nature is an absolute joy and raise awareness of how ordinary individuals can protect wild nature. With no script, the podcast is easy to listen to, and it's more like hearing your friends talk.

The show is sponsored by Damaged Timber, a company that makes furniture only from wood already damaged by forest fires. Other sponsors include sustainable companies, West Fraser and GreenLink Forestry. You can stream or download all episodes on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and others.

Listen to Your Forest.

9. The CryptoNaturalist

How about a science fiction podcast? The CryptoNaturalist is an audio drama series that shares fictional strange nature stories with a sprinkle of real facts. You will learn of mysterious creatures they call "cryptids" and imaginatively travel to otherworldly locations. 

One awesome thing about the podcast is how it infuses a love of nature into its stories. So even if you can't see salamanders swimming in asphalt and tiny whales, you can see nature around you as the wonder it is.

The show is presented in the traditional documentary style but is much funnier and weirder. Listeners have dubbed it a "David Attenborough meets The X Files" kind of show. It is poetic, hilarious, and maybe a little creepy with its unusual tales. The show is written, voiced, and produced by nature writer Jarod K. Anderson, but occasionally, special guests appear as voices or writers of the show. 

Listen to the Crypto Naturalist.

10. Future Ecologies

With original music and sound effects, the Future Ecologies podcast invites you to see your world in a whole new light. It combines music and nature to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. The podcast focuses on exploring the natural relationship between humans and the environment. The show interviews people with expert knowledge on topics around plants and wildlife.

The podcast is available in public and paid categories. You can listen to the public episodes for free, but you have to register on Patreon and pay a token of $1 per month to listen to bonus episodes. The higher levels of the Patreon membership come with additional perks like stickers and original illustration artworks.

Future Ecologies emphasizes indigenous voices. They make a point to mention that the podcast is recorded in indigenous British Columbia.

Listen to Future Ecologies.

11. Noisy by Nature Podcast

Noisy By Nature Podcast

Australia has a reputation for housing strange and rare creatures. Netizens and their memes make Australia seem a dangerously intriguing place, but podcast host Ann Jones demystifies the sounds of Australia. The episodes are super short, usually between 8 to 15 minutes, which seems like a quick and easy way to learn. It is produced by ABC Studios and adapted for kids, but adults can enjoy it too.

Noisy by Nature check out all sorts of sounds that domestic and wild birds make in Australia and explain them. From the sprinkling sound of cicadas to mutton birds that moan, there is just so much to explore. Listeners will learn to identify the different sounds of nature's birds and learn fun facts about them. There are also some pretty interesting stories about birds and their shenanigans.

Listen to Noisy By Nature.

12. In Defense of Plants

Plant enthusiasts will love this one because this podcast is all about plants. From the tiniest weed to giant trees, this show celebrates the science of botany. The host, Matt Candeias, wants people to pay attention to plants. Not just because they are pretty or serve economic use but because they're an essential part of the natural world.

The show brings on plant experts and conservationists to share in-depth knowledge and critical information about conservation efforts. Want to know how important plants are to your life? Listen to In Defence of Plants; new episodes are out every week. 

If you want extra perks like bonus episodes and stickers, you can support the podcast on Patreon. For $10, they would credit you as one of the show's producers. You can also show your love for plants and the podcast by purchasing custom merch that includes mugs, t-shirts, and tote bags. 

Listen to In Defence of Planet.

13. Nature's a Hoot

The show discusses all things nature, especially birds of prey, and how to protect them. From large-scale conservation efforts to simpler things, you can do to protect wildlife in your backyard. Each episode is loaded with interesting information and conversations about birds, the world they live in, and the challenges they face. 

This UK-based nature podcast is brought to listeners courtesy of the Hawk Conservancy Trust. Every episode features naturalists and activists who share valuable knowledge and experiences with listeners.

The latest episode features Dawood Qureshi, a marine biologist and wildlife filmmaker who works in the BBC Natural History Unit. They have a new episode out every month, which we are sure you’ll look forward to after a listen or two.

Listen to Nature's a Hoot.

14. The Critter Shed

You'll love The Critter Shed podcast if you like to collect tiny pets like tarantulas, geckos, beetles, and butterflies. One of the hosts, Collie Ennis, has a shed full of reptiles and creepy crawlies. The show would feel like listening to a fellow collector and friend. Colette Kinsella is the other host and is a reputable audio producer who adores animals.

It would interest you to know that The Critter Shed records its episodes right inside Ennis' shed. The science program releases new episodes once or twice a month, but we think you would look forward to that. You'll learn about wonderful and weird things in the natural world, like how spiders make babies, parasites with mind control powers, and frogs with venom.

Listen to The Critter Shed.

15. Our Nature

For a long time, humans have viewed nature as something that belongs to them, but what if, in truth, we belong to nature? The Our Nature podcast seeks to help people become one with nature, to help them understand that no matter where or who they are, they are a part of nature. 

Nature can provide us with health benefits and improve our mental and spiritual well-being; we just need to know how to tap into it. That's what Alyssa Benjamin, the presenter, believes and wants to share with you.

Every weekly episode, the show brings experts in various natural fields–from foraging to Indian folk medicine, organic gardening, homesteading, and natural dyeing. The podcast's most popular episodes include "In Observation of the Natural World With Photographer Molly Steele" and"How To Sleep Better With Buffy Co-founder and CEO Leo Wang."

Our Nature podcast feels like it could be the ideal Yoga or meditation companion. You can listen on multiple audio streaming platforms, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Listen to Our Nature.

16. Our Numinous Nature

 Our Numinous Nature podcast
Credit: Our Numinous Nature

The producers of Our Numinous Nature podcast travel in search of profound nature stories.  They search high and low for fantastic tales about natural history, regional flora/fauna, and folklore. They speak to people who profess a deep connection to the earth. Their guest list includes wildlife conservationists, folk artists, hunters, living historians, and herbalists. The podcast tells their stories with the goal of honoring their culture, their relationship with nature, their history, and their life.

The producers seem only to record an episode when they have a story to tell, so they don't release episodes regularly. However, the episodes are usually about two hours long, so you are in for a long listen. The program has a 4.9 rating on Apple Podcasts, so no worries, every minute of listening will be worth it. You can listen on any audio streaming platform of your choice.

Listen to Our Numinous Nature.

17. Living World

An oldie but goodie produced by BBC Radio is the best way to describe this podcast series. The last episode aired in March 2020, and BBC Radio may have ended the production for good. However, all archived 195 episodes are available on their website, where you can listen.

The show brought listeners the best stories about the British landscape from across the world. Listen to old episodes, and you'll discover mysterious birds, strange-looking fish, and how flies manage in winter.

Listen to Living World.

18. The Wild

Hosted by Chris Morgan, The Wild is an expiration of nature's tenacity and how it survives despite years of human exploitation. Take lessons from the woodpecker, hear the sea otter's refugee story, and celebrate the successful repopulation of different animal species that were once endangered. The show takes listeners on a journey of discovery and appreciation across the pacific northwest and the world.

Along with the interesting stories of wildlife and their complex way of living, the podcast highlights the efforts of people who have dedicated themselves to protecting these animals. The podcast is available on Pocketcast and Apple Podcasts, and you can listen to each episode in an average of 30 minutes. 

Listen to The Wild.

19. Bionic Planet

You can't be in love with nature and be blind to the ravages of the climate crisis. The environment is changing, and the Bionic Planet podcast wants to help you navigate this new reality because it is only if you understand the problem that you can contribute to the solution.

You'll learn all about international climate policies. The issues driving those policies and the environmental and economic effects those policies will have. Listeners praise the presenter, Steve Zwick, for his simplistic yet in-depth approach to complicated matters.

If you want to stay informed of all the latest developments in climate control efforts, Bionic Planet has got you. The show keeps listeners in the loop with timely reporting, and they provide in-depth analysis to make you think.

Listen to Bionic Planet.

20. Sound By Nature

You could be looking for a nature podcast not because you want to learn about animals, plants, volcanoes, climate change, and the rest. Instead, you are simply interested in hearing natural sounds for meditation, rest, sleep, or while walking or exercising. Sounds by Nature provides just that. 

The natural sounds on this podcast are not created by computer software; they are real sounds recorded at different locations. Every episode has details attached that tell you when and where it was recorded. It gives you the complete feeling of the outdoors with such vivid, atmospheric descriptions. You can even find pictures of the recording site on the podcast's Instagram page. 

This is the podcast you want to listen to when you have had a rough day or just miss the outdoors terribly. It'll transport you to a place of calm.

Listen to Sounds By Nature.

21. The Life Scientific

On this weekly podcast, presenter Jim Al-Khalili interviews scientists who are pushing boundaries. He presents the show in a light-hearted manner. Asking questions, so listeners not only learn about science but also know the people behind the science. 

The Life Scientific show offers you a chance to dive deep into the life of scientists and understand what motivates them. Recent episodes feature Ben Garrod, Steve Brusatte, and Shankar Balasubramanian.

Listen to The Life Scientific.

22. Crowd Science

If you have science and technology questions the internet isn't answering, you could ask an expert in the Crowd Science program. You just have to send your questions to the producers, and they will bring on top researchers qualified to give you answers. Questions like how you balance on a bicycle and why do animals migrate have been answered on the show.

The show is produced by BBC World Service and is presented by different researchers and journalists. The BBC World Service releases a new episode every Friday. You can finish listening to an episode in 30 to 35 minutes.

Listen to Crowd Science.


The natural world contains all sorts of beautiful things nature has given humankind. Learning about nature, its gifts, and its challenges helps you appreciate the environment better. Even if you are already a nature lover, podcasts are such an interesting way to learn more about nature. 

This list is a collection of exceptional nature podcasts to get you started. We know 22 seems like a lot, but some of these awesome podcasts release a few episodes per year - and nature has so much to give. Give these a listen to inspire protecting all nature has to offer for future generations.

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