15 of the Best Environmental Podcasts

Environmental podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as more people seek to understand their personal contributions to environmental issues. The desire to find more information about the environment has caused well-known and relatively unknown experts on environmental concerns to record weekly podcasts.

There are numerous environmental shows to explore for a weekly podcast listen. Below, we provide a list of some of the best podcasts, in no particular order, from around the world.

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15 Podcasts About the Environment

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1. Living Planet 

Every Thursday, Living planet brings you new episodes on environmental news and developments. This award-winning podcast talks deeply into topics that affect the everyday life of people. It is produced by Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster, and hosted by Sonya Diehn and Sam Baker.

This podcast features sustainability topics from the food we eat to the waste we produce. It explores topics related to life on our precious planet and the impacts of the climate crisis on people.

The stories told on this podcast keep its audience up-to-date on the state of the environs, address important protests, and investigate environmental concerns. We recommend that you listen to the "What's in our air?" and "Climate cause and consequence" environmental podcasts on any platform of your choice.

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2. Outrage and Optimism 

Topping charts in the UK, Outrage, and Optimism, talks about channeling the outrage they see online and on the streets into positive optimism for environmental change. It is a weekly show hosted by Global Optimism founders Tom Rivett-Carnac and Christiana Figueres and their long-time friend and collaborator Paul Dickinson.

They start each show with a summary of what made them feel outraged that day and a debate on climate. In their second season, every episode aims to inspire you to realize that sustainability issues are being addressed globally.

You can find them on Twitter and other social media, further raising their voices and sharing stories to encourage us to act optimistically for climate, sustainability, endangered species, and more.

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3. Friends of the Earth

Muna Suleiman, a climate campaigner and host of Friends of the Earth “How to Save the Planet,” catches up with new guests on every podcast episode. She talks about climate issues, how to look good sustainably, and lots more.

There are two different podcast episodes by Friends of the Earth that resonate with us: "How to talk about climate" and "loving fashion and the planet."

Listening to these environmental podcasts will give you an idea of how to make the climate change movement more inclusive. This show ponders some big and timely questions with guests to inform anyone concerned about a more sustainable future.

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4. Resources Radio

This science show discusses energy, climate change, ecosystem, endangered species, and more. Every show host talks about their novel experience in sustaining nature and how human activities affect the ecosystem. Listening to interviews on innovative ideas and engaging environmental stories keeps you up to date with the issues we need to act on today.

Through storytelling, Resources Radio speaks to its audience about current happenings that affect the world and its solutions.

We recommend that you tune in to the following podcasts on this playlist "The Environmental Impacts of Digital Technologies, with George Kamiya" and "Managing Flood Risk under Climate Change, with Carolyn Kousky.” The podcasts’ contents may tempt you to share insights from these two radio shows on your social media page.

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5. Living on Earth 

Living on Earth is an independent series of podcasts that explores topics around environmental challenges and global conservation efforts to preserve the natural world. Hosted by Steve Curwood and brought to you by PRX, this podcast focuses on ecology, health, and the environment at large.

This weekly, hour-long environmental and science podcast airs on over 300 public radio stations in the United States of America. Many regard the show as influential in the environmental space. Tune in-ears ready to learn on NPR.

Our favorite two podcasts from this are "How Systemic Racism Exposes Black Americans to Pollution and Extreme Heat" and "Animal City: The Domestication of America.”

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6. Starting Sustainability

One way to deal with eco-anxiety is to fill your ears with recent episodes of this show. "Recycling is Good, But Not Good Enough" and "Retrain your Brain" are two episodes that can help you banish all negative thoughts.

This podcast features prominent topics that will help educate people who want to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle.

You can start by doing a few sustainable actions. Currently, in its second season, follow Kaylin as she tells some of her stories. This podcast helps you learn simple ways to incorporate positive practices that aid sustainability.

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7. The Sustainability Agenda 

This podcast features experts from different fields like geography, law, animal welfare, philosophy, and lots more. Hosted by Fergal Byrne, this environmental podcast discusses the biggest questions in the sustainability industry.

It is a weekly podcast exploring sustainability topics. For example, "the necessity of overcoming our society's short-termism and discounting of future generations" and "the interesting role corporations play in solving - or inhibiting - sustainability.”

Listening to these environmental podcasts will help you understand some companies, the government, and individuals' roles in sustainability.

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8. Grouse

Ashley Ahearn is an award-winning public media journalist and host of her Grouse podcast. She talks in season one about wildlife conservation and other issues endangering the environs in the west.

We loved "The Death of Compromise" and the "If not Hope, Then Courage" show out of all eight episodes. Feed your mind with some great storytelling about the “most controversial bird in the West.” You can share her story from her page on your social handles.

Sign up for her newsletter to get firsthand access to all her content. You can access “Grouse” shows on National Public Radio (NPR).

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9. Sustainability Defined 

Each episode features guests and professionals who help explain each topic to the listeners. The show hosts are Jay Siegel and Scott Breen. They speak on different issues which fall into any of the following seven sectors: Business, Social, Policy, Cities, Energy, Transportation, and Natural transportation.

A recent episode addresses racism and the modern environment. In this podcast, the hosts and Faith Briggs explore the racist history of the United States public lands and also discusses strategies that can help dismantle racism within environmental organizations. Another episode we find interesting is "careers in Sustainability with Trish Kenlon.”

Each story has a different message to pass but shares the same broad theme of defining how we can live more sustainably. With some science and lifestyle interests as well, you’ll find you want to share their storytelling.

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10. The Energy Gang

The Energy Gang holds weekly discussions on environs, energy, and cleantech. This show discusses the fast-changing world of science and energy and how to change the negative story associated with energy and the environment into a more positive and sustained one. Brought to you by the experts at Greentech media and hosted by Stephen Lacey, Katherine Hamilton, and Jigar Shah.

Feed your ears and mind with strategies toward a more sustainable energy sector. We recommend two podcasts from this Greentech media show: "Day-one Climate Priorities for Biden's White House" and "What's Behind China's Zero-Carbon Aim?."

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11. Think: Sustainability

Think: environmental podcasts discuss several things like waste, grid, growth, wealth, and so on. It is all about practical actions we can all take. Julia Carr-Catzel is the show's host, and she's also an award-winning presenter. In her first year on air, she won the 2SER's Excellence in Magazine Presenting in 2018.

Since then, she has put out about 134 episodes of this podcast. She adopts a storytelling tone to present every episode, and they all turn out to be informative and interesting. "Garden cities" and "The search for Koalas" are two episodes you should listen to and share. Some shows cover stories involving guano collectors, volunteers, and other animals in the wild.

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12. Sustainability 101

Some people are interested in sustainable living but have no idea how to get started or join advocacy groups. In this podcast, Caleb Powell and co-host Ashley Cabera take your thoughts worldwide as you learn about the environs and some of the things that affect them.

This podcast is committed to making sure that young people are enlightened about wildlife conservation and interested in taking initiatives that bring about change. We recommend "Let's Talk Trash" and "It's time for a fashion revolution" episodes.

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13. Coasting the Earth 

This environmental podcast is a factual program that airs on BBC Radio 4. It has been on air since 2007 and is accessible worldwide. You can download the podcast files from their site. Here are a few of our favorite episodes to keep your ears busy, "Build, Build, Build" and "A short history of environmental protest.”

The primary host of the show is Tom Heap. While you’ll find a few other episodes narrated by other presenters depending on location and information covering topics like environmental justice and how to create a more sustainable world. Each episode offers its audience a new perspective that changes the mind toward developing something great for wild environs.

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14. Parts Per Billion 

Some of the best podcasts with great guests discuss everything from toxic chemicals to air pollution to corporate responsibility. Parts per Billion is an environmental podcast by Bloomberg Law. Open your mind and listen to interesting discussions about what is happening in the courts and agencies. This show informs you of the world's challenges and the laws enacted to fight crimes against nature.

Parts Per Billion raises its voice for the wild and every member of advocacy groups. We recommend listening to "Post-Soviet Treaty Complicates EU's Climate Ambitions" and "States Are Taking Action, Slowly, on Nonstick Chemicals.”

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15. Mother Earth News and Friends

The last podcast on our list is an environmental podcast that shares everything from growing a small garden to setting up an entire homestead. This show brings on eco-celebrities and passionate members of the environmental movement. All to discuss and share strategies that can help people learn more about nature and preserve it with a slant toward sustainable and rural living.

You have access to the podcast on their page and can listen to them from any device of your choice. Join them every week to listen to some of their podcasts, such as "Raising Pheasants" and "Profit from your property.”

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Podcasts are a huge hit worldwide. And the environmental podcast choices above do not disappoint! To get valuable environmental news and stories from environmental influencers through moves in helping preserve life in the wild, explore the list above. And play a recent episode from some of these shows.

You’re sure to find a podcast story to educate or inspire a better future. Or join the other voices moving to a sustainable lifestyle and sharing information about the issues you care about for the future.

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