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11 Affordable Environment Posters to Inspire Action and Awareness

As an environmentalist or a citizen of the earth, taking care of the planet is undoubtedly a vital mission. When starting or already on your “go green” journey, it always helps to have sources of inspiration around you. Environment posters can further enhance your love for the cause and serve as a reminder of the actions to take or inspire others. 

When you have cues around you, whether, in your living or office space, they motivate you to take action. Apart from adorning your walls, schools can also use these posters to share rallying calls for environmental protection. This builds the spirit of community togetherness and environmentally friendly activities in students. If you’re looking for creative and unique posters to add to your space, we offer up some compelling suggestions below. 

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Posters to Inspire the Environmentalist in You, Even Beyond Earth Day

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Environment-based posters come in many forms. Artists create inspiring quotes to constantly remind you of the role in creating a better world. Some also paint images of leading environmentalists that you can hang on your walls or boards. 

Such posters serve as a sign and reminder of these people’s courage and their work towards their chosen causes. You can also find designs that tell stories of human impact on our world. You can use these posters as part of earth day activities and as gifts to fellow change-makers. When you place them in your space, they serve as signs for change.   

With these options and many others in-between, here are some posters that speak to the environmentalist within us all. These items come in various styles and designs. You’ll surely find one or more that you’ll fall in love with. 

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Fielding Artworks’ Greta Thunberg Poster

Photo Credit: Ruth @ Fielding Artworks

Many people struggle to find their purpose as they navigate this world. Few people find this calling at a young age; however, Greta is one of the few. 

As one of the youngest environmental activists of this time, Greta Thunberg is a well-known name. This young Swedish activist has been partaking in protests from age 15, with many knowing her for her school strike to protest climate action outside the Swedish parliament. She has also inspired climate change protests that many young people partake in. 

As the subject of this print item, Greta’s image serves as a reminder to save the planet. It serves as a source of inspiration, not only to young people, to speak up against injustice. Adding this print to any classroom for students to view daily is a great way to build the spirit of protecting the environment. This can also help to build a community of young eco-warriors who are not afraid to speak up. When you add this to a space, the words remind you that young people can make a difference. 

The artist hand paints all posters on-screen, giving them a realistic look. There are four size options for you to choose from. There’s A4, A3, A2, and A1. 

About the Artist

Ruth, the owner of Fielding Artworks, creates all the prints in the shop. The prints are free from filters and other forms of digital enhancers.

Ruth enjoys painting iconic people who make a difference in our world. Apart from caretakers of the environment like Gretha, the business also has posters of people like Malala Yousafzai, Maya Angelou, and Nelson Mandela. If you’re specifically looking for posters of changemakers, be sure to explore the Fielding Artworks store.  

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Nicole Lawson Studio’s Evolution of Man Print

Photo Credit: Nicole Lawson Studio

Globally, we generate over 2 billion tonnes of waste every year. Studies further reveal that we don’t manage at least 33% of this waste in an environmentally-friendly manner1

These numbers are not there to create panic; instead, they alert us on the choices we need to make. In order to save the environment and planet, it’s up to us to begin to make changes. Nicole Lawson Studio used the evolution of man image as inspiration while designing this poster. It shows man drowning in his waste, alerting us to pay attention to our current world waste problem. 

This poster is a digitally printed image. The studio prints each item on FSC Certified paper with two sizes to choose from, in A4 or A3. It comes in high-quality material that allows you to view and appreciate the vivid image. You can add this to your home and office space as a reminder to save the environment. Teachers and schools can also include this in each classroom as a sign to be eco-conscious. You can use this image all year round. 

About the Artist

Nicole Lawson, the studio owner, creates all sorts of illustrated designs. The studio’s Etsy shop holds a collection of illustrated things. Apart from posters, you’ll find greeting cards, handmade brooches, tote bags, and more. The owner’s choice of FSC Certified paper indicates a commitment to protecting our environment's trees. When you add the evolution of man image to your home, you create an atmosphere of change. 

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Turning Point Environment Poster

Photo Credit: Art Riot Now

This art collage created by UK artist Kat references our planet's turning point. A young person holding a sign stating, “You’ll die of old age - I’ll die of climate change” highlights the global movement of young people to raise awareness of environmental issues. 

This handmade environment poster is available in 3 sizes up to 20" square and produced to order.

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Betty and Peaches’ Green Is Groovy Wall Art

Photo Credit: Betty and Peaches

Going green may seem a bit bland and uncool when some people think of going green. If you’re looking for something that highlights sustainability but is not completely in your face about it, you’ll like this. With a fun typography choice and vibrant colors, this ‘Green is Groovy’ poster can instantly elevate a space. 

This decor piece reminds us that being eco-friendly is anything but bland. It comes in 4 style variations and three different sizes. You can check and select either A4, A5, or A3. You can decide which style fits your home or office best by having options. 

About the Artist/Store

Betty and Peaches UK creates alternative prints for the lover of all things creative and alternative. The store gives you the option to search based on specific themes. Some themes include environment, female empowerment, music, politics, TV, and film. More than just art, each piece from the store makes a statement about important issues. As part of its environmental commitment, you get your order in 100% recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. 

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Save Our Wild Life Retro Print Environment Poster

Photo Credit: Paper Museum Shop

US government departments initially created this 1930s poster by Dorothy Waugh to raise awareness of the plight of the Trumpeter Swan. This reproduction is an excellent addition to any home for those that like retro styling and also serves are a reminder that the fight to protect biodiversity is not solely a modern issue. 

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Good Planets are Hard to Find

Photo Credit: Hannah Elizabeth

This environment poster speaks for itself. Artist Hannah Elizabeth has created a beautiful scene in nature - good planets are indeed hard to find. 

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Greta Thunberg “School Strike” Art Print

Photo Credit: Eco Purple Turtle

This stylized graphic print environment poster comes handmade printed on canvas of gloss posters up to A1 size and also is on the Greta theme.

Greta began her school strikes for climate change in August 2018, and it has since become a massive global movement resulting in Fridays for the Future

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Planet Protectors Poster

Photo Credit: BoredInc

Of course, Greta Thunberg is not the only one working tirelessly to advocate environmental protection. This fun environment poster is perfect for inspiring younger eco-warriors in educational environments or bedrooms.  This print comes in one size of 8x10".

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Save Our Oceans

Photo Credit: Artistic Aardvark

Our oceans are essential to living on earth, providing half our oxygen and food for billions. Furthermore, the oceans help us protect against climate change by absorbing CO2. However, they’re also awash with plastic, and global warming is causing increased acidification and bleaching our reefs, leaving them dead. 

This environment poster presents a simple call to action to save our oceans. This environment print comes unframed in sizes up to A3

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Save the Earth

Photo Credit: Jordan McDowell Shop

This special release poster is striking in its simplicity. Each sale of this poster also contributes to the Stop Ecocide Foundation. As such, buy this one, and you can increase awareness of environmental preservation and contribute to those working at the forefront at the same time. Available unframed in various sizes.  

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle/World Environment Day A3 Posters

Photo: Teacher Pay Teachers

Posters in the classroom are a great way to encourage students to cultivate certain practices. We often come across Earth Day prints and stickers that encourage reducing, reusing, and recycling

Although common, these posters don’t lose their value. This printable shows visuals of the earth and children engaging in eco-friendly activities. Young children learn fast through visual cues and signs. Students learn fast when you add such signs to a classroom while teaching eco-friendly practices. Although people often use them to celebrate Earth Day, these posters serve daily use. 

Another great way to engage young children in the classroom is to encourage them to create crafts. These projects can be environment-based, promoting eco-friendly practices within the classroom and beyond. 

About the Store

You can find this educational poster on the Teachers Pay Teachers platform. This is an online marketplace that houses various collections of educational materials. This way, teachers can easily discover new and creative materials to add to classrooms to engage their students. It’s a great place for educators to check, click and introduce new additions of learning materials. After all, educating the young ones is a crucial step in creating a better and safer world.

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Final Environment Poster Thoughts

Environment-centered posters are a good source of inspiration that we can place in many spaces. Their presence showcases our commitment to a better world from our homes to offices and schools. We can also use them as cues to stay motivated to build a sustainable world.  

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1Kaza, Silpa; Yao, Lisa C.; Bhada-Tata, Perinaz; Van Woerden, Frank. 2018. What a Waste 2.0 : A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050. Urban Development;. Washington, DC: World Bank. © World Bank. https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/handle/10986/30317 License: CC BY 3.0 IGO
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