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Where Are We Going With Sustainable Transport?

Welcome to #TRVSTLOVES. We curate news, ideas and inspiration from across the world which demonstrate how real action can accomplish positive social impact. This month we’re looking at some great sustainable travel initiatives and what they mean for the future.

The WHO's strategies for the transport sector

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) says the "transport sector is the fastest-growing contributor to climate emissions." The climate impacts are significant: around 23% of global carbon dioxide emissions in 2010 came from transport alone. To address this, the WHO have strategies in place which look at increasing public transport systems (rail, metro and bus), and networks to encourage cycling. Technology is being explored for cleaner vehicles and cleaner fuel. Check out a few of these case studies to get an idea of what's happening.

€117 million announced for sustainable transport projects

Electric Train

The European Union has announced a €117 million investment across 39 key sustainable transport projects within Europe. The projects look at things like energy performance, improving the quality of pollutants and upgrading existing railway lines. The projects were selected via a competitive process looking for innovative sustainable transport ideas. We think a competition is a great way to encourage original and creative thinking! If you're interested in the details, you can find them in this brochure.

And the transformation award goes to....

The annual CIVITA awards have just announced the sustainable mobility winners. There were many categories, but one which we think was particularly outstanding was the "Transformation Award" which went to Bremen (Germany). Bremen has reduced its vehicle usage via car-sharing and has hugely improved public transport options. Most impressively, of those who are part of the car-sharing scheme, 80% now do not own a car at all. Behavioural changes are absolutely key when it comes to challenging old habits, so this is a fantastic result for Bremen.

Rotterdam leading the way with new infrastructure

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed to loan €115m to Rotterdam for investment in hybrid and electric buses. The Dutch are setting tough targets when it comes to green transport: all buses will have to be electric by 2030. The UN's Sustainable Development Goals aim to provide "access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all" by 2030, so Rotterdam are taking a massive step towards meeting this goal, perhaps even acheiving it earlier than anticipated.

Seabubbles get tested in Paris!

These playfully named "seabubbles" sound and look rather fun, but more importantly they offer a pollution free way of travelling around Paris. They're currently in testing phase, but, if approved, it will be possible to book them via your smartphone. Any initiative which offers pollution-free transport options gets a huge thumbs up. These battery powered bubbles can travel up to 30km an hour and make use of the cities natural waterways so could be a great solution to roads brought to a standstill because of car traffic.

Sam is a professional writer with a particular interest in promoting sustainable practices for small businesses.
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