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Ian Choo is currently the Founder and Managing Partner of Ekofolio, a fintech company based in Copenhagen, Denmark – whose mission is to make quality investments in forests available to everyone. Ian has been a management consultant, lecturer, as well as guest speaker at a number of global entrepreneurship events and accelerator programmes. He has co-founded several ventures that combine both profit and purpose – including the Nepal Music Festival, Kathmandu’s largest volunteer run music festival, and currently serves as an adviser for the Nordic Blockchain Association.


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When most people think about investments, owning sustainable forests as a means of growing wealth reliably over time doesn’t usually come to mind.  Yet there has been growing recognition amongst discerning investors, that forests offer a plethora of unique benefits, which include real, stable returns over the long term that are largely uncorrelated with more […]

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Many people often sit on the sidelines and criticize efforts of others, as if nothing can ever be perfect enough. But we take a different view. Thanks @leashless for sharing

We're learning something new every day! https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jun/16/half-the-trees-in-two-new-english-woodlands-planted-by-jays-study-finds


Cant forget about @ekofolio

Friday musings and thinking beyond trees and forests. Could seagrass play a critical role in #carbon #sequestration and food supply? This fantastic article is worth a read 👇👇


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