WOCON Why we work to prevent human trafficking

WOCON: Why We Work To Prevent Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings for various forms of work or labor including begging, domestic work, prostitution, organ harvesting, etc.

Why this matters here in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world

Every year, the world faces the scourge of human trafficking which traumatizes the existence of man and threatens global development. US State Department data reveals that more than 800,000 women and children are trafficked annually across the world. Similarly, United Nations (UN) statistics indicate that 4 million human beings are trafficked globally and domestically on an annual basis.

Nigerians are trafficked to almost all the continents of the world and as rightly noted in the 2014 US Trafficking Report on Nigeria, the country is also a recipient of trafficked persons especially from West African countries who are exploited as domestic servants and subjected to prostitution, etc.

The Human trafficking phenomenon is an issue of global concern. Since the mid-90s it has become an even more serious issue particularly to Nigeria because of the grave consequences on victims, especially those who are trafficked for sexual exploitation.

Referring to the situation of trafficking in Nigeria, the 2014 United States Report on human trafficking in Nigeria, stated that:-

Nigeria is a source, transit, and destination country for women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. Nigerian trafficking victims are recruited from rural and, to a lesser extent, urban areas within the country; women and girls for domestic servitude and sex trafficking and boys for forced labor in street trading/hawking, domestic service, mining, stone quarrying, agriculture, and begging1."

How WOCON works to prevent human trafficking

  • Open air, market and motor-park campaigns in targeted communities using town criers, musical bands and sensitization materials such as posters and leaflets to educate the populace on the adverse effects of Trafficking and smuggling of migrants
  • Press Conferences, Media Campaigns, Consultative forums, Setting up of Community Watch Members, etc.
  • WOCON’s awareness campaigns and mobilization of strategic stakeholders are held in the source, transit and receiving Communities and the rural areas particularly in endemic States of Edo, Ogun, Oyo, Ebonyi, Delta and Lagos States where the majority of the victims trafficked within and across borders are sourced, transited and/or received.
  • WOCON also sensitizes and educates strategic stakeholders such as youths, students and vulnerable women and children on legal migration and settlement procedures as well as against Traffickers’ dynamic recruitment methods in order to make these youths, students etc. to be vigilant against illegitimate baits to travel abroad.

How individual actions can make a difference

  • To stand with the oppressed
  • Fight for justice
  • Unite our efforts to free victim and stop this crime that threatens the foundational values of the society
  • Men should be enlightened to realize that when they solicit commercial sex, they are creating a market for sexual slavery of children
  • When women recruit under-aged girls as domestic help, they are creating a market for forced labour, which ultimately is a form of Trafficking in Persons
  • Work as Volunteers to fight Trafficking criminals
  • Rescue children and under-aged from Brothels by making personal efforts to either rescue them or report to the Police
  • Deciding to carry the message on to your Community
  • Report to the Police, to National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons (NAPTIP)’s hotlines and to hotlines of reputable Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)/NGOs, etc.

About Women’s Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON)

Founded and registered by Late Chief Olabisi Olateru-Olagbegi, as an incorporated Trustee on 25th August 1995 and with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, Women Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON) is a non-governmental, not for profit-making, non-partisan and non-religious Organization committed to the enforcement of Women and children’s rights and the attainment of equality, development, and peace. WOCON holds a United Nations Special Consultative Status.

You can support WOCON and their work by donating here

Photo Credit: WOCON.

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12018 Trafficking in Persons Report - Nigeria. United States Department of State, 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report - Nigeria, 28 June 2018, available at: https://www.refworld.org/docid/5b3e0ab6a.html [accessed 4 April 2019]
Photo Credit: WOCON.
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