Alexandra Hoskyn

Alex is Founder of the Chatty Cafe Scheme which supports cafes to designate a 'Chatter & Natter' table where customers can sit if they are happy to talk to other customers.

Alex took a simple idea and ran with it.  The scheme has spread beyond small coffee shops with Costa Coffee and Sainsbury's both adopting the idea.  An inspirational story of taking action. 

Alexandra Hoskyn's Project

Meet Alexandra Hoskyn. Back in 2017, she noticed exactly the same, decided to do something about it and launched the Chatty Cafe scheme. A simple idea. Alex asked cafes to pop a sign on a table saying “The seats on this table are for anyone happy to chat to other customers”.  And that’s all it […]

Alexandra Hoskyn's Tweets

#Didyouknow that Blackburne House is a part of @chattycafe? You can join us every Thursday in the Bistro for a cup of tea and a chat to brighten your day!

Simply pop in to our Bistro between 10am-12pm on Thursdays for a chatter and natter ☕

If you or in or around #ilkeston then why not give the group at the Old Stables Tea Room a visit at #erewashmuseum 💛

We all feel lonely sometimes.
@chattycafe offer one-to-one telephone support to help those experiencing feelings of #loneliness and social isolation.

If you enjoy talking to new people and are a good listener please get in touch.

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