Roz Thornton

  • Founder and Director, Amazing Women Global

Roz Thornton is the founder and Director of Amazing Women Global Ltd and Chair of her Local Community Action Group. She’s appeared on ITV’s The Chopping Block and is the winner of the Business Woman of the year 2016 at the Regional Entrepreneurs Empowerment Business Awards.

Roz is a life coach, trainer, speaker and property investor and uses her own experiences to inspire and empower women around the subjects of confidence, careers and money. She worked for 20 years in Local Government supporting some of Britain’s poorest communities. After spending six years as a broke single mum with no work/life balance, Roz turned her life around taking inspiration from strong female coaches and role models.


“  Amazing Women Global started because I met so many amazing women who just didn’t believe how amazing they were and felt I need to do something about this!”