Lasha Kvantalian

Lasha Kvantalian is the founder of New York-based startup Treespond, a company that is working hard to recover national forests of California, aiming to plant one million trees in order to aid the recovery of the national forests of California.

Lasha has a number of projects dedicated to the environment and its recovery, and this includes Treepex, an initiative developed with his partner and based in Georgia to provide an environment-friendly platform to save the uniqueness of the park. The project was extraordinarily successful and was mentioned by Mashable, The Independent, HuffPost, TreeHugger, Lifehacker, Yahoo, and other 600+ media representatives.

Following this, Lasha initiated a new technology startup known as Oxyn: a blockchain infrastructure driven by environmental incentives offering fast, secure, and low-energy payments between business corporations, conscious consumers, and environmental organisations.

Lasha believes that everything we do must help to build a better world that we live in and it can be done in a very effective way by using new technologies.


Lasha Kvantalian's Projects