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Dale Gibson is co-founder of Bermondsey Street Bees, a multi-awardwinning sustainable beekeeping practice and artisan honey business, founded in 2007. It has over 100 hives in Central and East London as well as country hives in Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk. To this day however, Bermondsey Street Bees’  base remains in Bermondsey Street itself…with the original eight hives still on the rooftop of their scenic Victorian warehouse, overlooking The Shard. Every honey produced by Bermondsey Street Bees is single-source and raw, preserving all of the nutritional benefits and rich complex flavours. Bermondsey Street Bees also pioneers sustainable urban beekeeping strategies through its forage planting initiatives, collaborations with local gardening charities and other projects including a best-selling book ‘Planting for Honeybees’.   Voted Britain’s ‘Small Artisan Producer of The Year’ in 2016, Bermondsey Street Bees has also twice been awarded ‘Best Honey in London’ (200 & 2017) as well as being named as one of London’s  ‘Top 20 Food Producers’ and ‘Top 50 Food Heroes.’


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Meet Bermondsey Street Bees! They’re championing artisan honey, beekeeping and sustainable food in the heart of London. Chatting with Sarah Wyndham Lewis about Bermondsey Street Bees was a joy; her commitment to creating a truly artisan product stands out and passion for bees is infectious. This is genuine, authentic food production at its best.

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If you look closely, you’ll see a white crescent gleaming at the base of each dark brood cell. These are bee larvae (baby bees) - it’s unusual to see such a wall-to-wall carpet of young brood as autumn leaves begin to fall. But this pattern augurs well for a strong 2022 build-up!

The honeybee is not just the provider of delicious, nutritious honey nor solely a key cog in the eco-cycle. Beeswax is utilised in >1000 everyday applications (this French beeswax polish, for example) & propolis plays a large part in the natural pharmacy of many human cultures !

We don’t just cycle - we re-cycle! David, Honey HQ’s office manager, cycles to work - but also discovered zero-emission #Hived for our London deliveries. #Hived’s pedal-power has proved professional & reliable, returning empty honey buckets to us for re-use (& a customer credit!)

Beekeeper’s holiday snap.

(No bees were included in the making of this photograph. Just one Midge.)

The honey harvest is over. Good reason to shift the focus away from honey and take a moment to admire the symbiotic outcomes of the bees’ work. For example, bees casually pollinated this set of snowberries as they foraged, creating these white globes, jewelled with morning rain.

Here’s a mappa mundi of an October brood frame. Top left is the glint of liquid honey, then comes an archipelago of tangerine-coloured ivy pollen, followed by a schoal of newly-laid eggs, then islands of gleaming white larvae & finally, a biscuit-brown continent of sealed brood.

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