Switch To Renewable Energy Suppliers

For the first time ever, renewable energy provided over 50% of the UK’s energy in June 2017. With the ever increasingly supply and improving technology of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro and biomass), clean energy is fast becoming the new norm.

Some energy suppliers offer contracts for homeowners and business owners wishing only to use renewable sources. You can find a list of UK suppliers here . In 2018, Ikea partnered with Big Clean Switch to encourage customers to switch to renewable sources. More corporates may follow suit.

Everyone has the ability to contribute to the energy transition to renewable sources. You can produce your own energy ‘off grid’ by installing solar panels or use (clean air – approved) wood burning heat generators. See resources here (UK) and here (USA). Technological advances are rapidly changing the face of the energy sector. For example, Blockchain technology enables energy suppliers to pay micro-producers more easily and efficiently.

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