Share Your Mental Health Story

The more people talk about mental health, the more normal the conversation becomes. Sharing your story can be a great way to encourage others to think about and look after their own mental health and debunk the myths that still surround many mental health issues. Everyone has mental health and anyone can be affected by mental health issues.

You could:
• To start, have a conversation and be honest about your experiences with family, friends or colleagues
• Many workplaces are encouraging colleagues to share their experiences and to assist in improving workplace wellbeing practices. You could contact your HR or employee wellbeing manager.
• If you are working in the UK, you can share also your experiences in the national survey.
• You can also share your story with friends and family across social media and blogging.
• Join the ‘Time To Change’ Campaign by sharing on social media, running or attending events or contributing your story. More details on the Time To Change website.


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