Raise Awareness About Self Testing For HIV

At BioSure, we believe the best tool we have in the fight against HIV is to get people talking; breaking down barriers and educating them about what living with HIV means today. HIV is completely treatable and yet remains the biggest global killer of women of childbearing age and the second biggest cause of death amongst adolescents. Self-testing, as a novel technology, gives us the opportunity to start a new style of conversation and helps people to feel empowered in testing on their own terms.  

There really have been extraordinary leaps forward in the testing and treating HIV (apart from the launch of the innovative BioSure HIV Self Test of course!) Treatments are now so effective, that a one tablet per day regime can suppress the virus to undetectable levels. This means a person, who is regularly taking their medication, can live a long and healthy life, but as importantly they cannot pass it on.  

We have to take the fear out of the equation. At BioSure, we use the strapline that ‘HIV is 3 letters, not a sentence’ which really says it all. People have to know how treatable HIV is and should only be afraid of not knowing their status, rather than knowing it.

For more information about HIV, see here 

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